Legacy Cremation Services

Legacy Cremation Services Scam or Legit? Check Legacy Cremation Services Reviews below.
Aaron –

Victim Location 44256

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This company was supposed to help cremate my mother, they seemed sketchy when they sent over paperwork that didn’t quite make sense or correlate and made us sign it in private. We apparently did the paperwork wrong the first time so we asked if they had an office we could come to sign, they dodged the question repeatedly saying they were a corporation. I got a call from NMS who is the company actually shipping out the ashes saying we could no longer use Legacy as they weren’t licensed in the state of Ohio to do these services and we needed to find a new funeral home to do the cremation. I attempted then to talk to the director to find out why they had already taken our money when they didn’t have a license, could not get a hold of a director just “someone under the director” who was quite rude and off putting. She then told me if I wanted to get the body back I would have to pay $500. I refused and hung up, looked them up and after 45 minutes of digging found their website which was clearly bogus. After making more calls I found that Legacy did not even have possession of my mother’s body. This company is a scam preying on grieving families and it is quite disgusting.

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