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Amanda –

Victim Location 59872

Total money lost $3,100

Type of a scam Tech Support

Hp printer would not print from laptop so I went to the HP support web page , put the printer information in, a tech chat was available so I started to explain my problem. She could not help so referred my to 1-888-559-0043. They took access of my computer with my permission, showed me a "crepper" ??type virus that attacked my printer and said for $299.00 they would fix it, install Norton anti-virus protection and a service contract for support for 3 years. They did fix the problem but they were having problems with billing and would call back in a few days and if everything was working, charge my credit card. I then received a from Richard, phone no.1-929-232-2974.Start of the hack… they said their system crashed and could not provide the service and wanted to refund my money. Now the first time I had given them my number but then was took their billing was not working and at this point I’m thinking them still had my credit info. They were telling me because it was the Chase Refund dept. calling that they could not refund back to the credit card, but would deposit $300.00 into my checking. So I was ask to open check acct., and at this time they ask to have access to the laptop, which I gave them, and my account showed $3000.00 had been deposited.Richard is pleading for me to save his job, I want to return the money, BUT I had to drive to town, 62 miles away, buy gaming and gift cards, which I did for $1800.00. Now I’m nervous and don’t want to get online because they were working a scan and still had access to the laptop while I was gone, so I called by bank and they said $1300.00 showed as a deposit and she transferred me to bookkeeping.Now I have to apologize, not sure of the sequence of the calls, but I was talking to the bank and, Helen who had a accent said it was a unfortunate situation but I was doing the right thing to help poor Richard. This is the scary part, they were using the banks real 1-866 number, while at the bank the next day, they checked but no Helen with a accent had ever worked there.When I returned home I call them because they still had access to my laptop and told they to exit. At that time in is now evening and poor Richard has gone home. I checked and realized they moved money from my saving to the checking to show a deposit!! In the end the had $1300.00 from my bank account and $1800.00 in gaming and gift cards. Post note. I had to quickly daiedl the 1-929 number to get the last 4 digits, and they actually called me back just now!!

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