Legal affairs of U.S. Treasury Dept

Legal affairs of U.S. Treasury Dept Scam or Legit? Check Legal affairs of U.S. Treasury Dept Reviews below.
Roger –

Victim Location 79901

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Earlier this week I received a phone call, seemingly threatening as it talked about "potential jail time" for an implied tax evasion notification. I have no such tax issues currently and I also live in El Paso Texas. I am contacting Idaho BBB since I have a magic jack number as well as a cell number with both 208 numbers 2 recordings of this nature have been left. But my cell with a 915 area code has not. And that 915 number is what I used for my business tax registration which is what gave me the first initial red flag.

The message left earlier today stated they were from "Legal Affairs of U.S. Treasury Department" and that they were calling in regards to an "enforcement action." They left a number and badge number as well. They are as follows. Phone: 614-343-0234 Badge # 4165.

I understand there is a brash of such phone calls as stated on the news and that if I get such a call to report it to the BBB. If you need the recording I have it available. I hope you can find these guys. Thanks for doing a great job.

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