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Andrew – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 92270

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Legal Assistance Centre. AKA Richard O’Brien, Steve, Dave and others. They will get you to send your legal information to them so you can file a lawsuit from home. Using a Seattle Cell phone number 425-516-1466. Using an address near Palm Springs, CA. 72877 Dinah Shore Drive Rancho Mirage,CA 92270. Police Detective here traced the address to a dog grooming shop in a strip mall. No tenant ever leased under those names they were told by mall owner. Also website "" was active recently. They will ask you to sign an online form after they receive your personal and legal documents (now in their hands). You must agree to pay in a rush starting at $700. Then they will ask for another $700 if you inquire about it. This is actually a fake business, a scam offering to file federal law suits for any individual. There is no such service. But their credit card machine works well.

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