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Kathryn –

Victim Location 53142

Type of a scam Phishing

Only the number showed up on my caller ID, I answered and they asked if this was (my name), I said yes this is she and the woman hung up. I got scared right away because I’d heard about scams where the person gets you to say yes for any reason and then uses that recording of you saying yes to further use your identity or steal your assets. So I called backed and the same woman answered, I asked why she hung up on me, and she hung up again. Well I’m the most stubborn person I know and I’m not going to be stolen from, so I called back again and the same lady answers again, I asked, why do you keep hanging up on me after you called me?! She said it wasn’t her (it was her every time, I’m a musician with excellent recognition of specific voices and sounds), and I told her I recognized her voice every time and to take me off of their call list. She said they dont have a call list and that she’s from "Legal documents department", but could look up my file for me? I told her I think she’s trying to pull a scam and she hung up again. I called one last time and again same female voice answered and all I said was I’m reporting you to the, and hung up on her! Now I’m trying to spread the word so no one makes the mistake of giving this woman your personal info because 1) if there’s no call list how did she get my #, I live nowhere near (210) area code so why would they have legal documents for me there? 2) its a long distance # from where I am, why waste making the call just to continuously hang up on me when I question her back. And 3) why was there no one else in the office willing to answer my call, she’s was the only voice I heard every time. There are always at least 2 multiple workers in any office to help with high call volume situations. She was extremely suspicious, and then became rude when I wasn’t giving up my personal info quick enough. *If it sounds like a scam and your gut tells you its a scam, its most likely a scam. Dont get robbed so easily people, please be careful!

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