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Jason –

Victim Location 84118

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have had this company call me at least 2 times a weeks they are called Legal Mediation Solution they say that I have a credit card or overdraft opened with bank of America, I decided to call the the back to get information about this account that I know I have never opened with them, i spoke to a gentlemen named Scott that used my SS# both names I would have used and he found nothing.

Scott told me that even if I was joint with someone else they can always locate the account the the SS# so as for me having any kind of account with Bank Of America I do not….I spoke with the woman name Kim from Legal Mediation Solution and she told me all of this Information about how many payments I made to this account the references I used but the thing that also gives me a red flag about this the card or account was in my maiden name and I was married at that time and never put anything in my other name and also the references that where used I would have not put them down and one of them also was not even the right name of the person.

the number I have for this company is 801-614-1879 I hope that all this will help you to find out if this is a real place thank you very much for you help in all this

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