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Robyn –

Victim Location 55441

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I declared bankruptcy in 2011. Just a few days ago my wife and I both received voicemails from a woman claiming to be Susan Mullins. She claimed that I had lawsuit file against me and that I needed to give a public statement on record. When I called to get more information, a person other than Susan Mullins claimed that I had a debt of several thousand dollars and demanded money. They had very detailed information about the account. I told them I would have to go through my records. I hung up and found my bankruptcy court documents. I found the account they were referencing. I was contacted again by them several days later. I gave them by bankruptcy case number and asked for an address to where I could send my bankruptcy discharge form to. They told me the account was from after that and I still needed to pay. I let them go and contacted a local bankruptcy attorney. They told me that it was a scam and to report them.

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