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Lindsay – Nov 11, 2020

This company is registered at the same address as the company that contacted me today, November 10, 2020, claiming to be NAS & Associates. They claim that I owe a debt of over $10,000 from a Mastercard account through Maryland National Bank, which no longer exists. They refused to provide an itemized bill, information on how to dispute the debt, or contact information for the company they are collecting for.

I requested that they email me a form with the debt information, and they provided a document to e-sign. This claims that they are willing to settle the debt for $2509.53, but I have to provide my credit card information and sign the document by tomorrow, November 10, 2020. The document states that the transaction will appear under another company called N.A.G., but provides no other information on who this entity is.

I have been contacted about this fraudulent debt over the course of several years. Maryland National Bank was bought out by Bank of America in 2005. I contacted Bank of America about this supposed debt, and they had no information in their system about me ever having a Mastercard account with them.

NAS & Associates is threatening legal action if I don’t pay the settlement amount in full with one day of notice and zero proof of this debt. The contact information on the form they emailed is as follows:

NAS & Associates
11801 Pierce Street Suite 200
Riverside, CA 92505
Office: (888)681-2337
Fax: (866)951-0423

I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If anyone else is dealing with these people, I strongly suggest reading up on your rights to dispute any debt via the CFPB.

Kevin –

Victim Location 11417

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received the phone call that there is a civil complaint filed against me. When I contacted the company they claimed a civil case from 5 years ago about an unpaid credit card bill that’s already going to court and I am going to be served if I don’t pay the money by today. They asked for over 5000$ and threatened with more costs if I decide to go to court. They knew all my personal info including my social security number that they read to me- they only asked to confirm it. Which is why I didn’t notice at first is a scam company. When I mentioned that I would like to talk to my own lawyer first, the person on the phone got angry and rude and threatened me with no settlement possibility and that he is going to hang up. I told them to send me the documents and they refused. Only per email I received a settlement letter with same day expiration date. I did contact my lawyer who assured me it is a scam.

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