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Tristan –

Victim Location 40511

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We received two Collection notices the same day addressed toXXX DVM and XXX, PLLC. They were both identical notices stating the original creditor as Pinnacle Medical Supply in Dallas TX. Both notices stated the product ordered, date ordered, date delivered and amount due was the same. According to the internet, there is NOT a "Pinnacle Medical Supply" company at all. We also would never have ordered the "Sanitizing skin wipes" that they stated on both notices. It would appear they have hacked a database of veterinarians and sent these out to them. The local distributor we use called me today to tell me they got a call from another local veterinarian practice saying they received a notice just like the one we did.

This was reported to the USPS via their website as mail fraud on 4/18/19.

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