Legit Agent Man Social Grant

Legit Agent Man Social Grant Scam or Legit? Check Legit Agent Man Social Grant Reviews below.
Virginia –

Victim Location 96007

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was sent a message from a family member that stated they had gotten a Social Grant of $$100,000.00 and he had to pay a fee. The grant was sent by FedEx once the fee of $4000 was paid.

So I applied for the grant and was approved. But I did not have the 4k to pay. So Wilton A Nancy talked to the Board and they ask me what O could afford . I said $200 so I was ask to purchase a Sephora gift card. I was ask to send pictures of the card and scratch off the pin $. Then he ask me to purchase 4 cellphones and that was a No.

So then the Board wanted to help me with the fee and deposited $1400 to my checking account. Had me withdrawal $200 & purchase 2 gift cards $100 each to Amazon. My bank account has been closed for a fraudulent transaction. I will probably have to pay back the $200. I may not be able to open another checking account. Wilton says this is real. I am so mad. I can’t believe that I fell for this.

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