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Marie – Feb 25, 2021

Received products I never ordered, seems very sketch.

Molly – Feb 12, 2021

My Poor Son, saved up to buy these Anti-Blu rays Radiation Resistant GAMING glasses. They were supposed to be these durable, heavy duty glasses with Yellow lenses and Protection Guaranteed Storm gaming “googles”. I just received them from Walmart.ca Online ONLY website and they are this cheap bendable plastic with absolutely no yellow lens just this also fake plastic (not even glass) lenses. They are exactly like the reading glasses you would buy at any Dollar Store! I am so [censored]g disappointed and my poor little guy is so upset. He doesn’t understand. If anyone knows how to get ahold of these terrible people, can you please post it?
Thanks guys

Aaron – Feb 10, 2021

Why are you sending me stuff i never ordered? How did you get my mailing information? Who are you and why do you send my [censored] like this i was really pissed 😡 just stop sending stuff i never asked for!🤬

Savannah – Feb 25, 2021

I have too, how is this possible?

Mallory – Feb 09, 2021

I spent $121.00 on an extra large dog couch. It was a filmsy piece of polyester with very thin polyester lining. It is not what was described or in the photograph. It’s not fit for use as a dog bed. It’s like a mat. I want a full refund. Can someone tell me how I can contact these scammers please.

Erik – Feb 11, 2021

Hi Nelson,

Read two posts below.

Good luck.

Mallory – Feb 04, 2021

I purchased 2 of the Moon eBikes at only 75.oo USD each. Such a deal. Too good to be true.
I had so much fun anticipating receipt that I am not surprised when they came in a small bag – value 10 cents . Then read another customer paid 300.oo I still got a bargain.
I am totally ashamed of PayPal for continuing to transfer funds to scammers like this
Amazon, Walmart do not tolerate this kind of treatment to their customers. Facebook allow this type of advertising to be repeated over and over, Maybe they take the ads off quickly because I cant find the add again. – Wait a few days it will be back I bought the second time around – what a [censored]…

Pedro – Feb 03, 2021

I ordered two Waldorf dolls (with clothes) for $75.13 CAD on behalf of my mother (who doesn’t have a credit card) on October 14th and received these cheap replacements on December 2nd. I could not believe it and I was furious! I was able to trace back some contact emails from my interactions with them and sent them an email message immediately. In the subject line, I wrote the Order # and the Transaction #. I received a reply back the very next day from two of the three email addresses I had contacted. They were the following: [email protected] and americatrujillo29 [email protected]

After my first email, they wrote back to me with an obvious ‘template email’ indicating that “We have heard that our product is a little different from the description page. This product is manufactured in our own factory and the quality and function are consistent with our description however, there will be a little error in the process of each batch, resulting in slight differences in appearance, color, and size. Please rest assured that it will not affect the use of the product at all.” I wrote back to them again the next day and this went on almost on a daily basis until
January 5th. I have to admit, however, that I received a response the very next day, every time I wrote to them.

In every email I sent, I copy/pasted the complete chain of emails I had sent/received, as well as the pictures I had provided in my first email to them so that the history of all conversations would be present in every single communication with them (because every time they wrote back, my message(s) never showed).

I was persistent, reiterated in every email that I would accept nothing less than the entire refund price of my purchase and threatened that I would declare them to “Consumer Protection”, “Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre” and “Scambusters Canada”. I also threatened that I would distribute the entire series of emails to everyone I knew on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, What’s App and Snap Chat and that I would encourage everyone to share the information with as many people as possible.

In their first reply to me, I was offered a 15% refund. This went up to 20% in the second mail, then 30%, then 50, then 55, 60 (which apparently was their refund limit), then 70 and finally 75%. I decided to cut my losses and accepted the 75% refund and after the first couple of emails, I communicated only with the [email protected] email address. I DID get the 75% refund … but what a mission!

I hope this email (and the email addresses I provided) can be useful to all of you.

Best of luck with your own battle.

Nathaniel – Feb 11, 2021

One last tidbit of information … The refund came from Langruian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Louis – Feb 02, 2021

I bought an OBD sensor and got a floss. What a [censored]ed up company is Walmart that can no even Ban this seller from their online store. I called Walmart and they asked me to contact the scammer; what a joke.

George – Jan 29, 2021

Hello, I bought a SUB3.0 to VGA adapter from Walmart online after over one month of waiting, I get it today finally. There is no installation instruction nor disk of the driver. It does not work after connection. Please respond to me before I return it to Walmart. Thanks

Krystle – Jan 18, 2021

Ordered two moon bikes over 300 US dollars and got two finger bikes, I am pissed really pissed, dirty [censored]n dogs.
[email protected]

Lacey – Jan 15, 2021

Ordered a punching bag for my son and waited longer for it to arrive to me
To find out its a Friggin cat toy on a string
$65.00 + taxes
What a joke

Meagan – Jan 14, 2021

Ordered WIRELESS headphones and received wired ones that are of really poor quality. HOW DO YOU CONTACT THESE PEOPLE?!

Alejandro – Feb 03, 2021

I received replies from this address: [email protected]

Good luck!

Jerry – Jan 01, 2021

I ordered three “Waldorf Dolls” with outfits for $75 USD and instead, three months later, received three very ugly stuffed ‘dolls’. Now, the website no longer exists. They scammed me! [email protected] is the SCAMMER. “Antoniglobal” is the bogus company.

Andrew – Feb 03, 2021

The website where I bought mine was “Mimgo Dolls” (mimgo.shop) and I had bookmarked it on my phone. I went back at a later date and that address now links to a website called “Buyfiless” (buyfiless.com).

Lindsey – Dec 15, 2020

My wife order a christmas wreath with a truck on it was suppose to be a good size its so small you can damn near put it in your pocket these people are scammers

Emmanuel – Dec 08, 2020

Purchased the hobby Kit, “V2 Motor All-Metal 2-Cylinder Model” and, hobby kit , “4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assembly Kit”, through dailywear

Desiree – Dec 07, 2020

Ordered two dome outside security cameras and ended up getting two mini DV cameras which are not even close to what I ordered they are basically garbage.

Curtis – Dec 04, 2020

I ordered a snowman glass ornament that lights up and said daughter what I got was a piece of junk worth $2 this company is a scam and should be ashamed that they are stealing people’s money! I paid $49 USD for this I am so mad!

Ricardo – Dec 13, 2020

Do you remember the name of the FB page or website that your ordered from? I’m trying to track down these scammers.

Beth – Dec 02, 2020

Paid $47.95 U.S. for a specific item which I did not receive. Instead a $5 piece of junk was sent to me telling me I should appreciate the beauty of the item. I paid through PayPal and went I went to PayPal for a refund all they did was fall for a pathetic scheme that YKS is creating. They want me to ship the item back to a Chinese address, despite the fact the item was shipped to me from Toronto, On, Canada.
PayPal is as much a SCAM as this company is. They will agree to terms of the scammer just to avoid trouble.

Dawn – Nov 30, 2020

Paid over 85 dollars for 2 Waldorf dolls with big set of clothes and the Amelia bunny for Christmas presents for Grandchildren, when receiving the parcels, they looked like they came out of a 2 dollar show bag, the thieving [censored], how do they keep getting away with it. I will never buy online again, debra

George – Nov 20, 2020

Scammer’s address PO Box 6033 AMF 211-6500 Silver Drt Mississauga ON L5P 1B2

Country Canada

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered a 24 inch ceramic Christmas mountain train with
with 12 inch wooden base
The train mountain is suppose to move around it.
All I received was a 8 and half plastic paper size photo. I spent $57.99 plus Shipping
I would like my money back
Mrs Winifred Green
PO Box 1064
Coalhurst Alberta
T0L 0V0
403 593-4465

Jillian – Nov 20, 2020

We saw their ad on-line for mechanical toy dogs that were very cute. We received them in 2 shipments for gifts and out of the 6 items received, 5 of them were “stuffed, non-mechanical” and the other one was tiny and nothing like what was advertised. I complained on the first shipment, and we have received absolutely NO RESPONSE! They lie, rip you off and then disappear from all points of contact. Well, guess what, I have a few free hours this weekend, so guess what I’m going to do? Report ot every site possible, and also reach out to a couple of media outlets. Judging by the above comments, others were duped as well . . . this was an abslolute, intentional lie. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Jenna –

i bought an electronic dog, for over $50.00, that was suppose to act like a real dog, what i received was a stuffed dog, that just sits there, and does nothing. Pieter O.

Garrett –

Ordered a Silver and Pink Christmas Wreath for $47.71 Canadian and they go under the name in PayPal as Mantian Xinchen Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. On my shipping label it came from YKS Electronic in Mississauga. What I Received is a little green ugly wreath shown below. This company is nothing but SCAMMERS

Gary –


I bought a Husky electronic interactive toy. I received a badly packaged plush toy that is not interactive nor electronic, however I paid over $39.00 for the interactive electronic husky dog. I was afraid that it was too good to be true and I was happy to purchase the interactive/electronic Husky dog that I would give to a very specific and special person’. Lise Pilon: [email protected] I would appreciate receiving the interactive electronic husky dog before Christmas.
Looking forward in your response to this request.

Trusting your customer service can be of some help.


Jared –

Vous etes des voleurs g commander un jouet chez vous qui ma couter tres cher et c vraiment pas le meme jouet que dans la publicite sur internet

Marissa –

Total money lost $29.38

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This wavashop.net sells online and is a dropshipper as well I believe – and goes by the name of ‘leibniz’ as well as supplies products coming from a PO: ‘YKS Electronic’ P.O. Box 6033 AMF, 211-6500 SILVER DART, Mississauga ON L5P1B2.

While on my internet one day, an unsolicited ad showed up as a Sales Offer for a remote mechanical aircraft – it advertised itself in full image showing a mechanical built remote control aircraft held by man – from the image it was at least 3 feet in length, quite a big remote toy. It even showed a video of a player and the aircraft flew very well. It stated that there was a limited time offer a special offer to get it for a 50% discount at just US$19.99 + shipping and tax = $29.38 (see attached). I jumped at it as I was looking for a hobby for my teenager. So, I ordered it as a special offer on August 8, 2020 (ORDER 200808224553888).

This product from this seller is a scam. The product arrived on September 8, 2020. It was not at all a mechanical remote as shown on the advertisement! It was those dollar store styrofoam cutout plane less than a foot in length for small children to throw to the wind with a tiny motor that makes the little propeller turn. It had no remote control and was of very poor quality. The package was also opened and obviously the seller had taken something out from the toy since the parcel envelope was still properly sealed when I opened it.

I wrote to the seller for a full refund. These are his delaying emails from a proper refund:

"We are sorry for the trouble, understanding your feeling,

It is annoying to get the item does not reach expectation after waiting long.

As compensation ,we can refund 10% of product price and you keep item that ok?

We hope we can try our best to make you satisfied.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards..


There was no admittance that this seller had knowingly tried to scam/cheat buyers with paid advertising showing incorrect images and videos. It is therefore a scam site and online shoppers has to be very careful about buying anything from https://wavashop.net/ as the products are not of the quality or even substance as shown on the ad, the product is opened.. AND they refuse proper timely refund.

Be careful, this scammer special offer ads asks for credit card and does not allow paypal. Do NOT enter your credit card info. Find a more legitimate online seller to buy from.

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