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Jack –

Victim Location 69101

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This was a very good scam, it made me doubt my gut feeling. I got an email saying it was in response to a recent loan request. Call this number and they might be able to help. When I called the number the person answered Lemannville Solutions, how can we help you. He transfered me to a representative name of Michael Stone. He said they could give me an $8,000 loan to be paid in monthly installments of $194.00 a month for four years. I could offer my home or car title if clear for collateral. I told him I did not have that he said they could accept a $575 down payment to be made through Western Union. Should have been a red flag right there, but the papers he sent looked legit. I called the chamber of commerce for Port Charolotte they informed me there was no business with that name in their city. The address of Premier Plaza never heard of the business either. Truly a very good scam.

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