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Kristine – Dec 23, 2020

I also received an email regarding the pre-approved $10,000 loan which I never asked for. How can I make sure this loan won’t be approved and the money won’t be sent to whoever applied for this loan with my name? Should I file a police report? How can I ensure that my credit won’t be messed up due to this fraud?

Ricky – Dec 14, 2020

I received an email stating that Lendsail needed an E signature for a loan for $10K. I never applied for a loan. I went to the website to find a phone number to contact them and could not find a phone number. This is scary!

Latoya – Oct 26, 2020

I have the wrong nunber on file and currently unable to login. Please give me a email [email protected]

Jose – Oct 05, 2020

I did not apply for a loan I do not want a loan I can not afford a loan and would never respond to a solisatition for a loan. So why an I getting e mails and or texts saying I have an account with approval just a click away. These products let are liars and cannot comprehend truthful advertising or personal privacy rights. Who the hell let these people loose our our consumers in america.

Erica – Sep 15, 2020

How do I get rid of this bogus lendsail place they bother me all the time how do I block this SCAM!

Nathan – Aug 30, 2020

I received an email dated Aug 25 2020 from [email protected] telling me an E-Signature is required to continue with a loan application I did not make. That took me to a page with a LendSail logo. The loan amount was for $9,525.00. I have never heard of the company and certainly didn’t apply for any loan from them. The loan number was R-948-003-892 . The information they gave me gave me the impression that an E-Transfer was pending, requiring my E-Signature.

Adriana – Nov 07, 2020

Me too! How do we stop it?

Justin – Oct 26, 2020

What happened

Bryce – Sep 26, 2020

I got the exact same email with the same loan and request number. This needs to stop.

Jared – Aug 28, 2020

I received an email from the company telling my I am approved for a loan for about 10,000. I did not request a loan. I am a victim of fraud where someone tried to use my social to get credit cards and loans so my credit is on freeze. This company shouldn’t email folks things like this.

Sarah – Aug 20, 2020

Don’t be fooled by need or greed for money.Offers of cash will cloud your mind if you don’t use your inner voice.People like this count on blind need or greed.beware grasshopper

Troy – Jul 29, 2020

I received a loan acceptance email asking me to sign a load. I never solicited a loan form any source. Please advise on how to report this suspicious activity. Email address [email protected]

Cassie – Jul 28, 2020

Received an email wanting my e-signature to complete a loan request for $9,525.00. I have not contacted them and have not requested a loan. The email header appears to be from Terminex Pest Control and the email address is [email protected] I had to dig to find the link to LendSail. I am deleting the email.

Jacquelyn – Jul 20, 2020

I got a phone call saying I was approved for an SBA loan and I would receive an email saying I was approved . I had applied for an SBA loan about a week before. I got the email I logged in once the 2nd time it said I had no account I then googled lendsail and saw it was a scam. I hope I didn’t get hacked.

Cynthia – Jul 14, 2020

scam scam scam avoid their scam. right away, they want my full ssan, totally unsolicited email. somebody please put these guys out of biusiness.

Tasha – Jul 14, 2020

LendSail sent me an unsolicited loan acceptance, all they wanted was a sign-in using the last 4 of my SSN.
My credit is currently frozen due to identity theft attempts and I have a 3 year fraud alert in place on all 3 credit bureaus.
How did they get the info to get to this point.
They have obviously violated these freezes OR there is someone at SBA feeding them prospects as the only loan approved to go through the freeze at this time is our EIDL loan with SBA.

Bridget – Jul 29, 2020

How do you freeze your credit. The same thing just happened to me.

Leah – Jul 12, 2020

This is crazy how much this happens to people. I didn’t ask for this loan. I keep getting these emails every day. Why can’t the Google corporation do a research on these types of things to stop them from harassing people. 😡 I work to hard every day for someone like this to mess up my life.

Gregory – May 28, 2020

Lendsail does not issue loans. They can only try to find lending companies for you. Hey I’ll do it for you for 20% fee. Lol

Jodi – May 21, 2020

I did not apply for a loan yet received information from them as if I did they have no customer service department to respond to

Jeremy – May 05, 2020

Scam warning. [email protected]

Shana – May 03, 2020

I just got this email this morning too, I already knew that this is kind of suspicious so I googled this company online and glad that I found out that this is a scam. Be careful people, someones trying to get something from other people who suffering for their loss from covid-19 which is so sad.

Latoya – May 02, 2020

I received an email from Lendsail this morning stating that all they needed was an e-signature for a loan I did not ask for. Don’t even know who they are.

[email protected]
Subject: Confirm Your Request: $9,525 Loangnature for a Loan that I did not ask for.

Claire – Jul 06, 2020

Yes i did this morning

Brendan – Jul 03, 2020

I got the same email and call customer service…no answer but wanted my SS to continue.

Marie – Apr 29, 2020

Keep Gettng emails from Jason with an email address of [email protected] After Clicking, it pops up with solicitation from Lendsail , and the steps i need to take to collect $9625. what a scam, so sick of American GREED!

Cameron –


Brittany –

I am receiving email from this scammer too .”Confirm Your Request: $9,525 Loan.” , “Confirm Your Request: $10,000 Loan”…

After opening the email it says that: “An E-Signature is Required to Continue.” and then asking your phone number the last four digit of your SSN to login.
I think they try to cheat people who apply for SBA.

Kaitlin –

I got an email from saying my loan was approved for $9525, which i obviously never applied for, but i had also gotten a suspicious text two days prior saying “your code from Uber is ****” With four numbers but i don’t even have Uber on my phone anymore and only used it once in my life over a year ago. So this was also not me. When i got the loan email i got worried that someone had stolen my identity my [censored] put in my phone number and last four numbers of my social trying to cancel any request for a loan…what should i do to prevent anything bad from happening now that i did that?!?

Leonard –

I received a suspicious email from Lendsail.com stating that the loan I had requested of $9,525 needed to be co firmed. I was perplexed so I clicked, It implied someone fraudulently applied for a loan using my information. Or this was a lure to get me to apply by confirmation. When I clicked, the next page says; “WELCOME BACK” directing me to enter my cell phone number and last 4 digits of my SSA number. So I launched my investigation and found out others have this same experience with this new website. When asked I opted to share this information. In conclusion this may just be a marketing attempt to draw Bussiness awareness, however I cannot take any chances with assumptions. Hopefully this is helpful in prevention. If I am wrong please forgive me. Thank you!

Jeffrey –

So I’m not the only one getting these emails? Lol Thanks for sharing guys.

Alex –

I keep getting emails from this “company” even after clicking unsubscribe (even though I never even subscribed to begin with).

Here is what I got: An E-Signature is Required to Continue
This email is intended for [email protected]

Here is a summary of your funding request. If you have any questions or concerns about your request, please visit us.

Get Started Here Below
Request # R-948-003-892
Email [email protected]
Date March 2020
Transfer Type ACH E-Loan
Amount Requested Up To $10,000
Total Up to $10,000
View Loan Opportunity Now Above

If you click on this “visit us” or “Get Started Here Below” you will get the same website where it says:
Welcome Back!
Speed up your loan request with our pre-populated form.
Phone Number
Last 4 Digits of SSN
Welcome Back!
Speed up your loan request with our pre-populated form.
Phone Number
Last 4 Digits of SSN

Phone number? Last four of my social security number? Um, no and no.

So I filed a complain with the FCC and one question they had was contact info like a legit website and/or phone number. Upon googling both I found neither. THAT in itself is a red flag.

I saw plenty of complaints on them, so I figured I would report it here.

Micah –

Victim Location 21218

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They sent me an email with half of my info and told me I was approved for a 10,000.00 loan. They put a reference number which is R948003892. They said it was an ACH eloan and I just needed my bank info and last four of my social security number.

Molly –

Play that reference number in the lottery and see what happens. LOL. Maybe it would win big.

Sheena –

Victim Location 23059

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I am constantly receiving several emails from this..scammer even after unsubscribing, that subject lines saying:

"Confirm Your Request: $9,525 Loan." , "Confirm Your Request: $10,000 Loan"….

After opening the email it says that: "An E-Signature is Required to Continue." There is no phone number to call.

Everything online says "Lendsail" is a scam. so I am reporting here.

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  1. Received a November 24, 2021 email from Lendsail requesting the same E-signature for a $9525 loan that I had not applied for. I have been applying for a $5000 loan but never to Lendsail, never heard of them.

  2. I got an email soliciting me for a loan. I responded and to my horror, information was already entered saying it was me. There was job information that wasn’t mine. Bank information that wasn’t mine. There was even an address that wasn’t mine. Even the date of birth entered wasn’t mine. How do I report this fraud?

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