Lendsgate Financial Inc.

Lendsgate Financial Inc. Scam or Legit? Check Lendsgate Financial Inc. Reviews below.
Paul –

Victim Location 80016

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Daniel Harper gave me a call asking if I needed a personal loan after I had applied to get interest for banks in my area to approve me for a personal loan. Claiming to have covered for me and approved me for a $*** dollar loan asking for an assurance card receipt. And information to "secure" my first months loan payment.

Willie –

Victim Location 14132

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

These people called me & emailed me saying that I was approved for a loan they sent me contracts that even look legit but then they told me I have bad credit so they wanted me to buy there company card in the amount of the first month payment to secure the loan I refused then they got rude to me & told me that one one else would give me alone & called me names I told them maybe so but I know enough about loans that if there is any frees required they take it out of the loan not upfront I told them if I had money to pay it up front what would I need the loan for when I told them I would be reporting them they yelled at me even more & told me that I have no right to do that but if I d0 good luck on getting anyone to do anything these people need to be stopped & put in jail for the things they do now since they got my info from the application I filled out from other companies they have all my info to do with as they please & there isn’t anything I can now do for it these people make me sick they get your hopes up that the are going to be your night and shinning armor when if your looking for a bad credit loan you don’t have many options at all then this sticking people contact you and make you feel like they are the answers to your prayers to find out they just want to scam you & they get away with it because no one ever stops them & since on one ever goes to jail when they are found out or shut down they just open a new scam business with a new name this is unexecptable and should not be able to get away with this

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