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Lori –

Victim Location 96701

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

On Tues Jul 17, I received a text from "William," expressing interest in purchasing a dining room set, which I have advertised on Craigslist for $250. He wanted to know if it was still for sale, to which I replied that it was. In his text response, "Hi, thanks for the reply, I would have love to come check it out myself. I have a busy schedule at the office. I will really appreciate if you could send me one or two close pictures although am okay with the pictures in the ads. Can you accommodate mailing you a cashier check which is as good as cash and will wait till it clears before making arrangement for the pick up. thanks. WILLIAM R BARTOK." I responded by sending him a short video of the item and he responded, "Pretty good thanks. Please do have the name you want on the check and your mailing address sent to me to have the payment mail to you ASAP. And I immediately text him my name and address.

On Wed Jul 18, he texted, "Thanks I will have the payment mail to you ASAP."

On Thur Jul 19, he texted, "hello," "hello." "how are your ***? Just writing to let you know that I have sent you the check with the shipping fund included. Once you have the check deposited it and it clears (which shouldn’t take more than a day according to my bank), as soon as the check is cleared them movers will come over for pick up I should have done myself but am gonna be really busy this weeks ahead,, Stay in touch. And have a good day. do let me know as soon as the check comes so I can notify the movers for the pick up Please write back to let me know you get the message." I responded that I got his message and would keep him informed. After checking my mailbox in the afternoon, I texted him that there was no check.

On Fri Jul 20, I texted him that I have other pieces of furniture that I could include since I was in the process of moving and had no room.

On Sat Jul 21, I received a text with a USPS tracking number and that "the check will be delivered Monday do keep me posted as soon as the check comes and make sure you deposit the check ASAP so once it clear I can notify the movers for pick up."

On Sun Jul 22, he texted, "the check will be delivered tomorrow please do have it deposited in your bank as soon as you pick up the check tomorrow please"

Today, Mon Jul 23, he texted, "hello, morning are you there???? And I answered, "Yes" And again he texted, "morning are you there???? keep en eye on the mail please the check will come today please" Then five hours later, "Hey please note the check is out for delivery, do have it deposited as soon as it get to you" Then three hours later, "The check has been delivered to your mail box please do have it cashed/deposited as soon as you pick up the check. Thanks and stay blessed"

I did receive the check in a usps priority envelope today, but the check was made out to me, for $995.00, and overpayment of $745.00 from the purchase price of $250. This is when I got suspicious and went online to the Hawaii ScamPulse.com, which described overpayment scams which almost exactly matches this one. In addition to the broken English, misspelled words, incomplete sentences and punctuations, I became suspicious.

I am holding on to the check. It’s from "TruWest Credit Union," 13609 N.IH-35 Building #4 Austin, TX 78753.Check No. 000725683 dated 7-18-2018. I cannot make out the full signature of the signee, "alan J…………" and labeled as "President & CEO,

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