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Blake – May 31, 2020

Using the phone number 409-287-9543

This “LEO BULLIES HOME” States they are a French Bullgog and English Bulldog breeder, When texting them after I realized this was a SCAM, and got no more response. I accused them of doing the SCAM and texted them that they should be ashamed of themselves for taking people’s money. The person got vulgar and started swearing that they were going to continue to SCAM people in the US because we took their parents as slaves! What a bunch of crap… these people are not African American, they are foreign but this is just ridiculous. I am sure they have scammed many people in many countries, including African Americans…The number above is the contact number. Police have been contacted, hopefully they can track them down.

Theresa – May 31, 2020

I was scammed as well from the same FAKE breeder…although there were little “FLAGS” I went ahead and sent a $500 deposit for the puppies I wanted. They wanted $800, but my bank had a $500 weekly limit with ZELLE. First they emailed the contract and questionaire., which I filled out and signed, and sent back. And Just as the other party mentioned, the website was very good, pictures of the puppies, showing one was “SOLD”. Also, pictures of the parents of the pups with one of the mother with the newborn pups. I noticed when blowing up the photo on my laptop, it said male pups…when the one was supposed to be a female. I just assumed it was a previous litter. The seller stated they were in Vermont, and shipping was included in the price…Which, by the way, was very low. Only $1600 for french bulldog. This should have been my first sign, but I figured it was a small family breeder, no show bloodlines. They said they would not take pay pal, as sometimes the funds are on hold… So after sending the money, I texted to please send a video of the puppies together…Nothing, no response. We were supposed to meet at a Walgreens to get the puppies and pay balane in cash. But at this point I already was getting the gut feeling it was a scam.. The ZELLE payment was sent to an email: sarahrogers.78 @gmail…but when I called the guy, he had a strong accent I could hardley understand… Probably wasn’t even in the US! Thinking I was backed by Wells Fargo for the ZELLE payment, to top it off they wouldn’t do anything. A claim was filed and I had to wait 10 days…I should have went straight to police dept(NOT THEY WOULD HELP EITHER) Wells Fargo said they can’t even give me the name of the bank where the money was sent…or the address, or the person who actually received it! Excuse me, but they are assisting people to committ fraud! I am reporting this to BBB for LEOBULLIES, WELLS FARGO AND ZELLE. And I am sure I am one of many many people. These LAZY LOW LIFES need to get a real job and get a life!

Naomi – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 80126

Total money lost $3,230

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We contacted this "breeder" based on his very elaborate website to buy a french bulldog puppy. Shipping was included in the price and testimonials all over the website discussed how easy the process was, etc. We paid via Zelle and he sent over the contract, which we signed and sent back, at which point he supposedly took the puppy to the shipping company and we got an email notification from them with all of our relevant information, the breeder’s information and the puppy’s information plus a tracking number. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from the shipping company stating the dog needed an air-conditioned crate which we could rent for $1290 with a 98% refund upon delivery of the dog. I complained to the breeder that it was his responsibility, etc, etc, but he stated he did not have the money to pay it as he had used the money I paid him to pay off bills and that the dog was out of his hands and at the shipping company. Eventually I paid the breeder. Once again, I got an email from the shipping company stating the dog had been given a titer test and it needed several vaccinations before it would be allowed to travel interstate and that their "vet expert" had administered the shots. After much back and forth over the next 24 hours, and an additional fee for boarding the dog overnight, the breeder agreed to pay as much of the $560 he could scrounge together. According to him, he contacted a friend and pawned some things off and was extremely grateful and thankful that I could meet him halfway. After paying the shipping company again, I got an email w/ tracking information that stated the expected delivery time and refund amount ($1600). When the dog did not arrive, I got an email stating it was in Reno, had had a medical problem and needed pet life insurance before it could leave NV. At the same time, I got a call from the breeder asking how my kids liked the dog and would I send him pictures of them playing with it. LOW LIFE. Every time throughout this process I accused the breeder and shipping company of being a fraud, I got texts and phone calls vehemently denying he could ever do anything so heartless, etc. He was very good at manipulating emotions. Needless to say, neither the breeder nor the shipping company have answered any of my (or my lawyer’s) calls since I told them I knew it was a scam.

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