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Melody –

Victim Location 29349

Type of a scam Tech Support

A page with a loud warning appeared as I went to another page under the website I knew. This loud page was a warning that my computer had be infected. I could not get rid of the loud page. I could not move anywhere with my mouse. A caller came on phone # I called for help (this was printed on the Windows Microsoft page. The man with an Indian accent would fix the computer, add in anti-virus software to cover IP addresses. No not covered by Norton he said. He put his helpline phone number on the bottom of my screen. Oh, yes he had control of my computer. (bad move on my part). After he had applied software fix and had a tech work on it for a while, he called me back and said the tech was finished cleaning it up. Now he said he had a charge of $400+ for 3 years, a $400+ for a lifetime if over 65 yrs. and $189 for one year for the IP correction and maintenance software. My husband got on the phone call. He asked why did they put that on the phone….just so we could pay him to remove it. He did not want me to go through with the transaction. I stopped payment on the check.

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