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Let’s Be Gothic Scam or Legit? Check Let’s Be Gothic Reviews below.
Reginald – Feb 07, 2021

This company is an absolute joke. I placed an order for a hoodie through them on November 20th, 2020.. after a month went by and I had not received my order, I contacted them and was told it was shipping but provided with no tracking or shipping information… it is now February 7th, I still have not received my order. I have tried to contact them twice now about a refund and the will not respond to my emails..

Alexander – Jan 26, 2021

I ordered a cute chain garter belt and they sent me a completely different garter belt. I contacted customer service twice. This was on 1/3/21… it is 1/25 and I haven’t heard a peep from their BS customer service. So mad… what they sent looks so cheap for $25!

I give up on them, please don’t waste any of your money.

Jason – Jan 02, 2021

If your ok with receiving the wrong item and never getting the item you actually ordered go ahead. I order 2 items in July and at the end of Aug. Got 1 correct item (the quality was very bad but it was what I ordered) and 1 item that I wasn’t what I ordered. After emailing back and forth for 56 emails, they simply stopped replying and I still don’t have the item ordered. They said that I signed something when I ordered that wouldn’t allow them to refund me my money or accept a return. They did say they would send what I ordered but after months of waiting for a tracking number and not getting anything they said that their tracking number said it was delivered. When I got the tracking number finally that I was asking for it was my original tracking number for the stuff I told them I received. They said there was nothing they could do, they couldn’t understand what the problem was, um…I still don’t have the item I paid money for! Honestly not worth it at all.

James – Jul 29, 2020

Been dealing with “Abby” too. Half my order was never delivered. Been writing back and forth for over a week now. Apparently I don’t qualify for a refund as I don’t have my shipping label. I have other proof that I was only given 2 of 4 items.

Clinton – May 09, 2020

Victim Location 55104

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is a complete SCAM. This business is under the name Let’s be Gothic and Dark Moon. I’ve been waiting for my paid order for 4 months! They send faulty tracking information which states "destination unknown" and "waiting for seller shipping". Then refuse to offer returns since it’s "not they’re responsibility" after it "ships". This company is run by someone named Abby according to emails. They have blocked me on every social media platform so far and refuse to message me back regarding my order. I cannot find an address or number for this business on any advertising site they’re on. When I posted reviews of my experience on social media, they were deleted and I was blocked. I have reported them on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram various times without any action taken.

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