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Robyn –

Victim Location 37921

Type of a scam Employment

The company recruits a large number of people, on a regular basis, for a phone sales position… to work from home promoting their cash advance service to business people. There is zero compensation other than commission.

After a 1-hour conference call and then a longer training call, it is revealed that the new recruits will have to pay $95 to be set up with certain necessary tools for the job. I discovered this after the conference call, and before the training call, when I asked a direct question by email about potential up-front costs to new recruits.

I was told about the $95 cost, and that they wait until AFTER the conference call and training call to reveal this fact… to make sure only serious people stick and follow through. They want to see that people are willing to have "skin in the game".

I would have wasted even more time and energy if I had not asked the question by email after the initial conference call.

This is an underhanded, deceptive recruiting practice, used so that people who had already spent at least 2 hours on calls, and been pumped up about the "opportunity", would decide to fork over the money and proceed. Any up-front expense required to take advantage of the "opportunity" MUST be disclosed up front, in my view. Anything less is deceptive.

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