Levy Cohen

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Angela – Oct 12, 2020

Victim Location 43123

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Calls started a week ago. They call from 888-719-2171 as well, and answer as "Levy & Cohen". They are trying to collect fake debts. They refuse to give info on debt other than $ amount and the name of the creditor. They won’t verify their physical or mailing address, won’t spell the business name, have no managers on hand, and hang up when you start to ask questions. They want you to "verify" your entire SSN, DOB, and Address– all while divulging and reading what they have out loud to you, in it’s entirety. This is the scariest part- they have my personal information, and I have no idea how they obtained this.

They won’t stop calling my cell phone or my business line. They leave voice mails daily that they are a "process server" service and to contact the company (888-719-2171) with a file # to get info. Within minutes the 888 number calls me to collect the debt. When I call 614-210-3127 they answer as Levy & Cohen and they pulled the file up to "discuss" with me. It’s the same people.

I called the institution they claim has a judgement against me, and institution verified I have no outstanding debts with them or any judgements. I monitor my credit, and I have never had any such debt with this insitution- nor have any outstanding debts or judgements been found or newly appeared on my credit reports! When I called back to inform them of this and again, ask for clarification, they hung up.

Some of the voice mails received from the 614 number are from Teresa with "premium LS", even though when you call back they answer as ‘Levy and Cohen’.


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