LexisNexis Risk Solutions Name Spoofing

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Name Spoofing Scam or Legit? Check LexisNexis Risk Solutions Name Spoofing Reviews below.
Lauren – Oct 10, 2020

Victim Location 63303

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a large white envelope, postmarked with: U.S. Postal\\Pitney Bowes, zip 30005, date of postmark: 9/25/20. The Letterhead looks fake, with a very poor quality photo copy quality logo "LexisNexis", with a Consumer Number listed in top margin, along with a Case Number. The letter is dated September 22, 2020, addressed to me using my full name, and street address. The letter starts with: Thank you for contacting LexisNexis Risk Solutions regarding information contained in your consumer file. It is a very vague letter, instructing to order a Disclosure Report, using a one-time URL, good for 30 days, and then to enter a PIN also listed in letter. I did attempt to do so. The URL opened, but when I entered the PIN, it went directly to a screen instructing me to enter a Password, which I would have had to "open an account" with my personal information, to do. Their website has ficticious contact names and numbers. I do not know what the source of my personal name/address was to their records, but I do realize that is public information. I am not even sure what they are Phishing for, or what guise they are using, but I want this to be addressed so someone does not fall prey to this predator. Note: I HAVE NEVER CONTACTED THIS LEXIS NEXIS AS THEY INDICATE IN THE OPENING SENTANCE OF LETTER. I will not agree to attach a camera/computer generated example.

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