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LG t.v. print ads Scam or Legit? Check LG t.v. print ads Reviews below.
Brandi –

Victim Location 63129

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

On casting360.com I found an ad for print work and commercials. Sent an email with experience and photos. They emailed me saying I was selected for an LG T.V. Christmas commercial ad. Paid trip to new York if I’m selected just call this number. The one I entered. They ask me some questions about my agent. I didn’t have one so they said I can do the background check myself and they would email me some info. A document was attached with a phone logo saying CH global will run my background check. Just go to bank of American and deposit 150 dollars in an account.

Address: 16192 Coastal Highway

Lewis DE, 19958

I knew this wasn’t right and originally you were supposed to call 605 562 0020

For a conference call and I listened in. There was about 10 other people listening and falling for it. I just don’t know how many actually fell for this wiring the money bit. I did not but still fell into it and I’m sure others gave them their money.

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