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Bethany –

Victim Location 45432

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

rcvd a screen message that if I got out of the screen my laptop would be locked by Microsoft , so I called the number and they remoted in , told me McAfee was not active and proceeded to charge me $299.99 to fix it , I called McAfee next day and had them remove what lgr tech had done , they saw nothing wrong with my computer , I also changed my bank account and debit card number , please investigate and see if this company is authentic or a scam as Best Buy told me it was , than I received a email 2-12 from tech support that looked like a agreement that I sent but I never sent them a email to lgr tech , looks like they sent it for me from them, they have not received my money yet , I could not attach my emails , the contact email is [email protected]


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