Libaas Fashion Fabric Ltd

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Clinton – Oct 14, 2020

Total money lost $230

Type of a scam Other

After requesting that you pay in cash, this business takes your cash and then refuses to issue you a receipt. They insist you should trust them and claim they will call you when your dress is ready. I wasn’t about to jump across the counter and snatch my money back, but perhaps I should have.

When I came to pick up the $230 dress that I had purchased 3 weeks later (she had to alter it), the dress had been ruined with a huge oil stain right in the middle of it. The woman then refused to give me my money back, and of course, I had no receipt to prove how much I had paid. I even had my boyfriend and friend with me, who both insisted I had paid $230 cash upon her request, and that she failed to provide me with a receipt. She refused to listen. She then proceeded to tell me that I had somehow placed the oil stain on the dress myself while I was in the store – this is when I started filming. Only after catching her on film calling me a "stupid lady" did she give me a cheque for $215. I am obviously glad that I got most of my money back, but I am sure she would have given me nothing back if we had not brought out our camera. Others should be very weary of this store and ONLY PAY WITH CREDIT CARD so you have proof of payment.

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