Liberty Financial Pty Ltd.

Liberty Financial Pty Ltd. Scam or Legit? Check Liberty Financial Pty Ltd. Reviews below.
Emily –

Victim Location 08201

Type of a scam Employment

Work from home employment. Job interview was done by Goggle Hang outs and email with a series of questions and what positions were open. The person doing the interview via text went by the name Anne Bastian, HR General Manager at Liberty Financial Pty, Ltd. Other know email [email protected] Paperwork was submitted by the victim included paperwork for direct deposit with banking information and job application. Victim keep emails and conversation between the scammer. Victim was informed that the company would front the funds for the equipment needed to work from home. Check arrived Fed Ex (777676337599) to victim’s home, but victim become concerned when the person named Anne Bastian kept insisting the check be deposit right away. Victim took the check to the bank and the bank believe check was fake and that it was a scam. If victim put the funds in their account the scammer would have access to bank account. Check was not deposit by victim and voided but kept as evidence to report. CO. IS IN AUSTRALIA

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