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Alisha – Oct 21, 2020

Victim Location 32828

Total money lost $3,600

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

In May I was on Instagram and Mason Alton messaged me and we had casual conversations and after a few weeks he brought up that I should invest in Bitcoin mining. I never personally met this person but it sounded legitimate and I wanted to make some money. A few days later I was contacted by a company called liberty miners the persons name was Vladislav Orlov he said he was the CEO of the company based in Moscow. He privately messaged him on Instagram on May 18. Over the course of the next 3 months they had me sign a contract and created accounts in my name and collected personal information from me like my social security number drivers license number and back account number. In total they stole $3600 from me. We have reported to my bank, FTC and the credit bureaus 2 of the credit bureaus need a copy of this police report. In turn they have been sending me bogus checks to deposit in my bank account. I turned the $9700 check into the bank which they explained to me it wasn’t real. Since then I received a $5000 check that I gave to my parents and told them what was going on. This check has a Alabama address. I have copies of the Instagram messages, the contract, the transactions with cash app and block chain. I have copies of the checks and the mailing addresses they came from. Not only did I get involved in a scam but I gave them all of my personal information.

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