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Kristy – Oct 27, 2020

I was looking for a stay at home job and came across Teresa Hollinghead who said he’s employer was hiring.
Shipping and receiving…
So I received a email address and a code to hangouts to sign in for my interview…,
The “hiring” manager is Harrison Winger did the interview with a detailed questions what can say it’s sounded legit.
Then he asked to keep it to my self and I don’t need to check up on the company because is 100% legit … well…
when is a insurance agency are hiring for shipping and receiving with 401 K and health insurance and holiday off ? And when you don’t need to check out and learn about a company you want to work for?
Is just to good to be true.
It’s just happened to me, I’m not sure where can I report this person or what needs to be done but I just want to give a warning out to others out there like my self.

Eric – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 73018

Type of a scam Employment

While searching for a job, I came across Jerry Newbold saying his employer was hiring. He was a brand new member of the help wanted site I was on. He told me the interview would be conducted through email, gave me an email to use on Hangouts. HANGOUTS. So I am interviewed by Harrison Winger, allegedly. He was very professional and had a long list of responsibilities I would have. He was going to send me funds for equipment. During this after the “interview” I asked when I start. This question was avoided. I also asked where the main office was located and where Mr. Winger was located, to which he replied “California”. Then he proceeds to reassure me that everything is legit and I have nothing to worry about. I do a little research and find that Liberty National is headquartered in TX; doesn’t even have an office in California. Me. Winger will not give me an address or phone number. I keep asking for validation and he quit emailing me. So I go and DM Mr. Newbold and he ignores me. I didn’t get scammed, but I don’t want anyone else to, either.

Jonathan – Oct 27, 2020

It’s just happened with me and I’m thankful for your information
Thank you

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