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Bethany –

Victim Location 07462

Type of a scam Employment

Our hiring team has received, reviewed and approved the resume you sent to us and you have been shortlisted for an online interview because we believe you have the required qualifications to proceed. The positions available are: Phone Representative, Data Entry Representative, Office Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Sales Associate, Front Desk Clerk and Customer service/Call Center Representative.

Working hours are from 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday (could be flexible). The starting pay is $25hr for the positions, we also offer part time work and you are expected to come online through Google Hangouts during working hours.

Following our newest online screening introduced by, you are required to set up a Gmail account via to contact Ken Oatmar ; one of the Hiring Managers via Google Hangouts by adding up his profile. Her Google ID [email protected]

is which can be used to identify him ASAP for the online interview/briefing and comprehensive job details. If you already have an existing Gmail account, you may proceed with it as well.

Your reference code is ( VSG – 3515 ), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. This is your first step to proceed further; we expect to hear back from you as soon as possible. If you have any problem, please feel free to email back.

NOTE: Your timely response matters a lot!


joe hopper

Human Resources Department

Libra Group limited

Tasha –

Victim Location 67457

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text from an unknown number stating that I had applied for a job with the company. The jobs were data entry, front office, and desk clerk. I did not apply but figured it might be alright. I was asked to add the above email in google hangouts. When i did, "linda" got on and started an online interview/briefing. I was told about the company, and after I asked about location and stated where I needed to work, was told they were putting up a building in that location. That I would work from home until said location was up in McPherson Ks. I was sent employment agreement and w-9 form via email. I was told I needed a bank acct. and they needed that info, wherein I would be sent a check for supplies. After checking up on them online, I came across scam reports on the company, with the same thing happening to others. They were receiving fraudulent checks.

Lori –

Victim Location 80014

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through my text message, about a job from one party calling from number +240-466-4401 saying that he was Mr. Will Butler from (LIBRA GROUP LIMITED) I am contacting you in regards to your resume which has been posted online. Your resume has been received, reviewed and approved by the company’s HR Dept.. Do reply back if interested in more details on the job position. Thank you. But the person’s name that popped up through my caller ID was a Latino last name not Mr. Will Butler. He told me to go to Hangout where my mentor would be waiting to interview me. A Linda Comstock ([email protected] ) came on asking me questions about what made me look for a stay at home job, a sixteen part question for the job. She walked me through all the software I needed for my computer to work from home, said because it was quite expensive the company would pay for this. I went online to check this company out and it looked legit so I continued to communicate with this person for almost three hours. She spent 45 minutes on goggle hangout to check with her supervisor to see if I was the right fit. Returned back said she was very impressed with my answers and that I had the job. She then asked me to email some legit documents from my email titled: LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT which consist of an employment agreement confirming full name, address and phone number, the other two documents were 1-9 and W-2 forms very easy to get online, asked to send that ASAP in order to start the process of sending software, and GI time tracker to start work immediately Monday morning, asked if I wanted to be paid by bi-weekly or weekly $25.00 for training and $30.00 after three day training was completed with orientation. She who mistakenly referred to themselves as Mr. Linda Comstock in the conversation said they would be waiting for me at 8:00 am (Mountain time) this morning for email documents to start process.

Vanessa –

Victim Location 45238

Type of a scam Employment

I was told by email that I would have an IM interview today (August 31, 2016) at 8:00. First Mr. Wong introduced himself to me and then explained the job position. Into the interview I was asked about 15 questions. Once I was done I was told that he was going to send my answer to his superior for review. I waited about 30 minutes and he IM me stating that I was offered the position and they needed additional information like my full name/address/phone number and email address. Later in the day, I received an offer letter which I had to sign and email back to him. They are expecting me to contact them tomorrow on hangouts to check in so they can let me know they are sending me a check.

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