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Rodney –

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I wanted a drivers licence cause I dont qualify in my country for another year. I went online and found a company ofering drivers licence for 500 or 700 euros.

contacted by emai. Tomas (fake name) asks me for copy of passport then send

him 500 euros – says he can

not give the company address and phone for because their

address is confidential(!!!!!)

insists I send money by bank transfer to account in Eastern Europe. Do not send euros to these scammers! Sell passport details to criminals/maybe even terrorists or drug dealers. Notify europol to end this scam so criminals do not have your pasport identity. You can test the site out anytime by http above

can always spot scammer – want money but give no id/location address to you

stop others been scammed by these east european Mafia crooks!

if you want proof just go to website and see yourself! 

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