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Life Leadership Scam or Legit? Check Life Leadership Reviews below.
Naomi –

Victim Location 32909

Total money lost $149

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

they told me if i gave them my card number and decided not to go with there service i could get a refund anytime i wanted to and they took my money and will not refund it for a sevice ive never contacted or used in any way they told me i would make money with my 149 dollars i spent wich was a lie they scammed me in order to get my money and will not give it back

Alexis –

Victim Location 55056

Total money lost $294

Type of a scam Employment

Bill and Val showed me " the plan " of how to make money from home. Sounded great…too good to be true, but I still fell for it. All I had to do was buy this financial fitness packet which was mine to keep 100% money back guarantee. Then pay for the full access or total access to the web site and Tues. night meetings. All for $120. The whole 3 weeks I was involved, Bill and Val would call or text and push me into getting customers or my PV up because that was the only way to make money. After the 3rd week of feeling EXTREMLY overwhelmed and wanting to quit, they told me to return the financial packet, which I did 3 weeks ago and I haven’t received a refund. Stay away from this company!!! It’s a rip off!!

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