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Cassie –

Victim Location 44133

Type of a scam Phishing

I think I was scammed by a Life Alert company. They called my cell phone on October 10th. My caller ID showed 800-876-5501 The call started as a robocall. It asked if anyone in your house has a cell phone. If they do press 1. I must have pressed a number. Then woman came on the line. She did not give her name. Said she was with Life Protect. She seemed to know about the emergency bracelet I was already wearing. She said it did not do you any good. I said I shouldn’t be doing this. My daughter usually handles this. The woman said your daughter will be so happy that you have done this. I could hang the alert around my neck, my purse or wear as a bracelet. They called it a Life Alert. The cost was $39.99 month. She said most people sign up for three months. I signed up for three month. She asked for my credit card number. I gave it out. They said I could pay by check. She initially asked for my checking account number and I gave out the entire number. I’m so careful. I can’t I did this. I asked for her phone number. I wanted my daughter to call them. She convinced me it was not necessary. She did not give her phone number. She said the number will come up on the screen when we hang up. I called the phone number back. 800-876-5501. Kept getting a recording. I could not speak to anybody.

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