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Marco – Feb 13, 2021

I ordered a set of books and pen set for my daughter and I have not received the shipping tracking and it’s been 3 weeks, I emailed them and I got one reply and it said it will be shipped soon, I am angry that this company is fake and I was tricked by their Facebook advertisement.

Drew – Feb 01, 2021

I order a workbook for my kindergartener to help him learn to write, December 4th 2020… yeah it’s now January 31st and I can’t get a response. I’m so annoyed 🤦🏻‍♀️

Alberto – Dec 17, 2020

I’m pissed that i was ripped off on Facebook. How did FB allow billions to get scammed by allowing their add.
Facebook should pay us all back!

Veronica – Dec 14, 2020

Wish I had read this before ordering from them. I haven’t received my order although I was given a tracking number but no carrier. When I email them all I get back is an auto mated innocuous email about the Covid. Bet I’ll hear from them when I call the credit card company and cancel the charge.

Richard – Dec 13, 2020

I’ve been waiting for my Lifepigment order for 4 weeks. I ordered writing aids for two of my grandchildren for Christmas. Unable to track my order I have sent 5 emails to them trying to locate my items. Standard form letter response to my e-mails and of no help. My credit card was charged the day after my order was placed, I’m canceling the order and disputing the charges on my card. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.
L. Monte

Gregory – Dec 09, 2020

There are lots of replies to comments on their FB page but when you click on replies it only shows their reply. Scam much? Definitely

Kayla – Dec 06, 2020

I purchased a parcel on the 14 october 2020 followed the tracking and it got as far as germany with DHL on 05 November 2020. has sat there since. Contacted the sender and no response contacted DHL and they said senders responsibility and I had to take it up with sender. I put in a dispute with paypal and now they are taking over the issues so hopefully they will resolve it because noone stuffs around with paypal. I only buy on line using paypal as my safeguard as I know they will correct wrongs

Donna – Dec 02, 2020

I ordered some items but they never sent them they only went to usps website and printed labels but never sent them. when I try to contact them (they dont have a number to call) through email only automated response is given and when I try to message them with the number code they ask for they never reply after that. this place IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM

Taylor – Nov 30, 2020

Scammer’s address Warehouse No. 10, Building 5, Jin Shi Logistics Park Huangshan str. 99, southeast development zone 215500 changshu jiangsu province People’s Republic of China

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This item does not work and I requested return label to send back for refund. I was informed they do not issue return labels and I would have to pay to send back to China. Would probably cost more than I paid to ship back. 34.00 and change lost along with three Christmas gifts!

Nicholas – Nov 30, 2020

Ordered three of the knock down get back up things for gifts. They don’t work. When I contacted them I was told to send them back for refund I had to pay the cost to jail back to CHINA! Would never have ordered had I known they were coming from there. Total rip off and 34.00 just flushed away! 🤬😡😤

Jacqueline – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 53090

Total money lost $33.98

Type of a scam Other

Ordered a Blouse from this Co. I orderes it on April 28,2020. I have NOT received it, today is May 29,2020. I have emailed them several times and NO response. I reported my Order # LPT 35206 And Tracking # YT2012921272133253. to them. I asked them several times to send me the blouse or send me my money back.

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