Life’s Good

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Katrina –

Victim Location 21030

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted to do graphic design work for a orphanage. Person send cashier’s check to my job for more than the amount discussed when I quoted them. They told me to cash it. A few days later they didn’t want the service and wanted to money back. I wired 1000 to them by Walmart-to-Walmart. The next day the check bounced. Never heard from them again.

Jessie –

Victim Location 20882

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a cashiers check for a job I a banner I am designing for “Life’s Good”, a new business in foster care. I gave them an estimate of $320. They sent me a Cashiers Check for $2890.00 on Feb. 26, 2016 prior to me starting the job and without signing my contract. They sent a followup email stating they would be using me in the future for additional design work and to deposit the check (I would account per job for my expenses or something). That was odd to me.

Soon after they said that their board had re-met and they decided to hold up on the future design expense and that they would want to go ahead with the $320 job. I did and sent them a proof. I never did get an OK or request for changes on the proof.

Instructions from them March 2 said I should deposit the check. I offered to just return it as I had not deposited it as yet. No they said… Another caller called me giving me specific instruction on a very bad phone connection. When the check cleared tomorrow, I was to take my cost for the job $320 plus $100 additional (for my trouble, mailing costs, etc) from the deposited amount as payment. Then I am to make a cashier check for the remaining amount of $2470.00 and Fed Ex it overnight to an address in California. Check is to be made out to a “Rya Frontera”. The name of the business is not on the check and the original Remitter of check to me was Carol A McKee. It was a Peoples Bank cashiers check with seemingly all info on the check.

I deposited check from my iPhone on March 2 and had the credit union stop payment on it on March 3, after I verified with Peoples Bank that the check was fraudulent. I lost about 4 hours of design time.

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