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Tommy – Oct 11, 2020

Victim Location 13365

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Employment

There is a scam on Craigslist, it is not new unfortunately there are many people out there involved in this business and I feel it is necessary to make others aware so that they do not get sucked in spending more than what I did. The ads themselves are all similar, they base it on $4000 a month potential income, nationwide, commission only. When I responded to the ad I was directed to a website that gave me a 30 minute video to watch. The video went into details about marketing digital e-library software. It also broke down levels of investments, and how your commission would work out. The base level is $995 dollars for a ‘basic’ license to sell. There were also tiered amounts of entering at about $2,000, $3,000, and more. You have to actually make that investment to enter this ‘business’. They even have a credit based system you can apply for or even recommended borrowing from your 401K! Long story short, they aren’t selling any ‘digital e-books’ or any software for that matter. They are taking people’s money, getting them set up with a website, back office, and an 800 number to do this to others. They are only selling themselves, and stealing money from people. There is also a no money back all sales final warning and I should have known better before I finalized my transaction. Needless to say I am out $1100 dollars total now with no chance of seeing it again. I advise people to be very aware of anything that claims you can make any substantial commission, especially those that require you to make an investment of this size. I was only out $1100 but I know that there have been others that invested more and have probably started marketing the same scam. I’ve included the photo that is used similarly in the ads, I was also advised to use this same photo to set up my own craigslist to lure in ‘customers’. The thing that worries me the most is the fact that they now have my name, phone number, and address. Although, I do have points of contact for two other people as well. The one whole sold me and his superior.

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