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Marisa – Dec 20, 2020

I placed an order in January 2020. They keep saying they’re packing my order. It’s now December. Ridiculous. Do not buy anything from this company.

Russell – Aug 17, 2020

I ordered a Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable IPhone Lightning/Black on 29 March 2020 and have not received it. I have not heard from the company about a shipping date or conformationbut they did take my money pretty quick. Do not order from this company. It is a scam.

Dominic – Jul 21, 2020

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address  4731 Kerry Way, Pomona, California, 91766

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I purchased a high puff ponytail from your website on May 4,2020 and I still have not received 😢 my order I’ve emailed the company repeatedly and only got got the same email sorry but your is on it’s way and today I finally got the tracking number LS342823332CN a week ago and it states that my package 📦 is in Chicago and has been since July 7,2020 I’ve asked for a refund and nothing has happened so I’m filing a complaint for fraudulent and fraud.


Hillary – Jul 08, 2020

ordered an eyebrow treatment march 27, it’s now July 8 and NO REFUND, NO PRODUCT AND still they tell me to be patient. outright theives! never again!

Carmen – Jun 30, 2020

I placed Order #LMN32251 on 4/4/20. On 4/11/20, I received a shipment confirmation. On 5/30/20, I emailed Light Maroon for a status update, but did not receive a response. Fortunately, I paid for my order via PayPal; therefore, on 6/5/20, I escalated the dispute. PayPal contact Light Maroon and on 06/15/20, I received another shipment notification that the items had shipped. Today is 06/29/20, I checked the shipment status again and It is showing “On It’s Way to USPS, Picked Up by Shipping Partner, Pitney Bowes, USPS Awaiting Item and that the shipping information does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date”. Nevertheless less, I still have not received my order. PayPal says that I will revive an update soon and that the Estimated case resolution date is 07/03/20. I will NEVER order from this company again. I am sure that PayPal will reimburse my money because Light Maroon will Continue to be non compliant. Ads for this company must be removed from Facebook and the website to prevent other customers from being robbed! This taught me a lesson and I will keep using PayPal for Website orders as they protect payments and assist with disputes!

Julie – Jun 28, 2020

June 28, 2020

Same complaint as other customers. Ordered the puffy bun 1st of May this is June 28, no bun. Have sent repeated emails asking about order n supposed tracking #. No response no order still. Recent tracking says ” in transit” ? Now here’s the new kicker: lightmaroon website is now unavailable. What’s up with that? Huh?

Brad – Jun 20, 2020

I haven’t received my package in about a whole 7 months these people are scammers I request you not to order anything from them!.

Danny – Jun 17, 2020

My name is Deborah Adetunji. Three months ago I ordered a Afro puff and have not received it yet. I would like my product of my money back please. My email address is [email protected] if you can help me in any way of getting my money back. I live in Kentucky.

Mallory – Jun 17, 2020

The same thing happened to me. However, I received my two hair puffs today after waiting since April 25. I kept sending emails. I just received an email last week saying it had been shipped. I figured out what happened. When we order online these people show us an address in the US then they put the order through to china and have them ship it to them and then they ship it to us. It’s not fair to make us wait that long for products that turn out to be inferior in quality.

Kristina – Jun 05, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 4731 Kerry Way, Pomona, California, 91766, United States

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I’ve ordered on the 25th of January a kit of magnetic eyelashes and a BrassAway revitalizing shampoo a total of 41.06$.Only on the 28/6 they sent out the items and give me a tracking number… 2 months after was still in China… I’ve done a complain to the support email and got one reply… Since then they don’t reply to me anymore… Paid for the products and didn’t get anything! Please stop this website stealing money from people!

Dana – May 23, 2020

I too have had a similar experience as the others. I ordered 3 high Puff Buns on April 9th and to date have not received them. When I let them know I was cancelling my order as I had ordered my buns from someone else. I got a response from Graciela as well telling me that wasn’t possible and give a few more days…That was a few weeks ago. Each time I track it…it has not left China. As far as I’m concerned this is a scam website and I won’t be using them for nothing else.

Billy – May 24, 2020

I had the same experience in an April 10th order

Sara – May 22, 2020

I ordered two high puffs from them for a total of $30.29. I placed my order on March 29th, 2020 then received a follow up email April 4th, 2020 saying it has shipped. As the product never showed up I tried to track my package but the tracking number was invalid. Lastly, I went to there contact page because I was thinking where is this place, as the website it could take other shipments longer due to distance and COVID-19, and this place is not to far and is a fake address. So unreliable…DO NOT TRUST THESE FOOLS!

Jacob – May 11, 2020

Ordered an eyebrow tinting kit. Was taking more than 30 days to arrive so I contacted then and asked to cancel the order / get a refund . Was refused a refund. The product eventually arrived with no instructions and text mainly in Asian script (ergo unreadable). One should not be expected to apply chemicals to their face without knowing the ingredients and the appropriate usage. So it’s unusable. Of course they’re refusing to accept returns.

Glenn – May 08, 2020

Lightmaroon is a scam. I’ve ordered an item from this company (with multiple aliases) and have yet to receive the goods. Since then I’ve submitted a complaint through the BBB and plan on initiating a lawsuit as well.

Cristina – Apr 27, 2020

I ordered several bottles of disinfectant spray. And like many of those who sent review comments here, the items never arrived. The DHL tracking number provided is not valid. Tried contacting them many many times but there was no response. I now think this is a scam website. DON’T TRUST IT ANYMORE… AND WARNING TO ANYONE TRYING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM… DON’T!

Evelyn – Mar 20, 2020

I ordered brassaway shampoo on 1/17/2020 and have not received it. Contacted them numerous times and they will not provide me with tracking info & they will not just cancel my order. I am so frustrated & don’t know what to do next. Here is their response:
New reply for the ticket #LMN02433196

Hi there,

I have pulled-up your record and I do see your order, which has been fulfilled and is currently IN TRANSIT.

Since this is one of our best sellers, our shipping period usually takes 20-25 days upon purchase. This may still vary depending on location and carrier provider.

You may track your order once it arrived at your local courier facility. We kindly ask to extend your patience on this as the tracking information will be updated as soon as it reaches their facility.

Please allow few more days then track again.

If you have further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lanie J.

Customer Support Senior Agent


Brooke – May 21, 2020

As all the people above stated i placed an order with this company on march 29th for two high puff ponytails and still to date i havent received anything from them i have emailed them twice no response pure scam and im sure if i ever get them they will be cheap and poorly made just like one of the above reviewers showed in the pictured..their ads on instagram are so misleading most likely the product they showed probly was not what they sell smh never again 30.44 down the drain…DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

Neil – Mar 15, 2020

I ordered shampoo from light maroon tracking doesn’t work and now they are ignoring me.

Roger – Mar 15, 2020

Ordered over 2 months ago tracking number is fake now they are ignoring me .

Anne – Mar 09, 2020

I ordered the BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo from It says 5 to 10 days for shipment. It has been more than 10 weeks and my product was not even shipped! When I check the order status, the tracing/order # does not exist! I contacted them to hear that the Chinese new year delayed my order but now, no news. I requested to cancel my order and refund me. They refused, saying my order has been processed (bull[censored]). I have the right to cancel, they have not sent me the product. No tracking number.

I want my money back. Light Maroon company is a scam!

Steve –

I ordered the BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo from It says 5 to 10 days for shipment. It has been more than 3 weeks and my product was not even delivered (when I check the order status). I contacted them to hear that the Chinese new year delayed my order but until now, no news. I requested to cancel my order and refund me. They refused, saying my order has been processed (bull[censored]). I have the right to cancel, they have not sent me the product. No tracking number.

I want my money back. Light Maroon company is a scam!

Stephanie –

Very cheaply made. When I received it, it wasn’t really put together. I want a full refund and if you want this back, you guys are going to have to pay for me to send it.

Amber –

I ordered the Messy Bun scrunchie, it arrived within a month. What I received was something that looked like a 3 yr old made I it.

I’m attaching pictures of what I received
The ought to be ashamed.

The point is that I’m just trying to save some of you the jaw dropping experience.

Stephen –

Victim Location 61571

Total money lost $32

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a product from this company, was sent the wrong product. Requested first that they send me the correct product. Even explained the product was not at all what was pictured on their website. The product was a ponytail messy bun in which I ordered 2 one was regular price and the second the offered at a discounted price. Both were not what I selected on their website and looked like someone had already used. Also I ordered 2 blonde and was sent 1 blonde and 1 brown. After I was denied a replacement profit I requested a refund and was told since not damaged could not return. Emailed them their return policy that states “If not satisfied may return for a full refund within 30 days.” It’s only been 2 days since I received the product and the company is telling me I cannot return because it’s not damaged. I just don’t want other consumers being scammed by this company. Found them on Facebook and clicked on their link to order.

Janelle –

I ordered a hair product from Lightmaroon on April 8, 2020. On April 9 I received a USPS tracking tracking number stating they are preparting my order LY137277452CN . On April 11, 2020 the tracking information stated “No label has been created.” On April 15 I received a response from Graciella G.,Customer Support Representative, #LMN02930966, lightmaroon stating my product will arrive between 15-20 days. I just check my tracking number and still “No label has been created.”

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