Light stream funding name spoofing

Light stream funding name spoofing Scam or Legit? Check Light stream funding name spoofing Reviews below.
Sandra –

Victim Location 95827

Total money lost $24

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I responded to an email for a loan approval after searching online for a personal loan. I had received many emails, texts & calls from different lenders & didn’t think anything suspicious at first. The guy who called himself Frank Murphy, presentes himself as a loan agent for Lightstream Loan Co, a division of Sun Trust Bank. He started asking for personal information that I knew better than to give him, however, I had recently successfully obtained a loan online so I didn’t give it much thought until he started asking me to do weird things, such as he would deposit money into my account, which then I was to withdrawal it & buy gifts cards to pay it back as proof of bank account. At this point I drove to my bank knowing this was a scam. This guy is posing as a Lightstream loan processor, a division of SunTrust Bank, which happens to be a legit loan company, I called them after this mess. He is using their Company name, with his own fake email & phone numbers. There are several different names on a few documents he emailed me.

There’s is a legitimate loan company named LightStream, a division of Sun Trust Bank, however, there is also someone, or someone’s, phishing & somehow getting the info you’ve entered when searching for an online loan & trying to scam people under a legit company name.

I have emails, documents with company logos, etc of this attempted scam that ended up with my having to pay bank fees hen they tried depositing fraudulent checks into my account & my bank closed my accounts, not allowing me to bank with them again. I’m not even kidding about that.

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