Light West

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Antonio –

Victim Location 32771

Total money lost $2,200

Type of a scam Employment

This is a scam via the company light west. The company is stealing personal information from people and purchasing merchandise and having it shipped out to multiple people so that it can not be tracked. The company is using US postal service, UPS and Fedex to ship the merchandise and has the employee’s working for them believing the merchandise is damaged and needs to be returned to the proper receiver. This company promises to pay you, once the job is done and then they,change their website, phone numbers and email.

Margaret –

Victim Location 70802

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a "LW" company for a work-from-home logistics position.

I went through a 10 minute "interview", and I was "hired" just hours later.

My spirit of discernment stopped my from "accepting" the position. Well, that along with needing to verify my residential address like I would at a DMV.

I immediately began to search the web and found NOTHING to validate that this is a real company. All I found was links showing that whoever the HR manager is used the same information under a different company name before.

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