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Brendan –

Victim Location 74701

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw a vehicle offered on Craigslist for an unbelievable price. Texted for more information and was asked for an email address. Received and email that said the person selling the vehicle had just lost her husband, moved to NE and wanted to get rid of the car. The person identified as, Megan Price, said that she had contracted with a shipping/escrow company to ship the vehicle to me. I would have 5 days to inspect and accept the vehicle. If I liked it, I paid for it, if not it would be shipped back at the seller’s expense. I asked for the VIN and was sent a Carfax report that showed all of the events pertaining to that vehicle took place in NE. I sent them my name and shipping address and was emailed an invoice with instructions to make a down payment through a wire transfer. The invoice said, that once I opened the instructions for how to make the wire transfer, I would only have two hours to follow the instructions. The address of the seller was not specific and I found that it didn’t exist. I was sent a picture of the supposed house, but that house was on the cross street from the address I was given. I googled the VIN that I was given for the vehicle and found that it was for sale at a car dealership in OH. I called the dealership and he confirmed that it was still on their lot for sale. I also found another Carfax report that showed the vehicle had never left OH. When I called and asked for a picture of the VIN, I was told that the vehicle was prepared for shipping and a picture couldn’t be provided. I asked them how, if they had the vehicle in NE, it was being sold at a car dealer in OH. I was hung up on at that point.

Cody –

Victim Location 97701

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We responded to an ad in the local paper for an RV for sale. We contacted via email for [email protected] for more information. RV was Fleetwood Jamboree 2005 with 31,000 miles for $7,000. we asked for more info and received many photos of the RV and story about recent divorce and moving to Lincoln to live with parents. RV was in storage and ready to ship by the Lincoln Vehicle Carriers upon receipt of the $7000. the transport company would act as a third party and we would have 5 days to check out the RV upon arrival and if all was OK the money would be released to the seller. We found a mention online after googling the name Claris Burcin of a scam with identical scenario and realized it was a scam. We did not respond to the seller after this. we hope someone tries to catch these people before others are taken in. We did realize that $7000 was way too cheap for the RV so became suspicious.

Donna –

Victim Location 97701

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We saw an ad in the local paper in Bend Oregon for a 2005 Fleetwood Jamboree for $7,000. we replied to the email [email protected]

and received a response 4 days later from clarisburcin (without the number one is this address) a spiel about being divorced and moving to live with folks in lincoln NB. RV in storage. we would pay $7000 to Lincoln Vehicle carrier as an insured third party and they would ship the RV out for our inspection for 5 days, if we liked it we would let them know and they would release the money to seller. I thought the price was too cheap, they sent a lot of lovely photos over email to us. I decided to "google" the name claris burcin and found these other people, on this site, who had the exact same experience and realized it was a scam. We have reported it to the state attorney generals office in oregon as a scam and the local TV station and contacted the local paper to be sure the ad had been removed. it seems they are using many different locations and names. BEWARE never wire money, only buy local, the local newpaper here said they uncovered another scam that was similar and they were using a local address in the ad to make it appear to be that, so just take care and I hope someone catches these creeps. we did not email back telling them we had identified them as scammers, we are hoping some law enforcement will track them down.

Hector –

Victim Location 23834

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I answered an ad in the richmond times diapatch, richmond, VA. 2005 Fleetwood Jamboree 31W GT with 31,000 miles for $7000.00. The email address in the ad was [email protected] I sent and email that I was interested. I receive a reply with photos and that she had just moved back to NE after a divorce and received the motor home in settlement and that she just didn’t want the motor home. She asked for my personal information, name, address, etc. so that she could notify Lincoln Vehicle Carriers that I was her buyer. They would hold my money in escrow, deliver the motor home and give me 5 days to decide whether I wanted the vehicle or not. After this point I started to investigate Lincoln Vehicle Carriers. I reviewed their website and then checked the the NE BBB. I then learned that this is a scam?

Logan –

Victim Location 68521

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fake company trying to clone another transportation company. Wants you to pay and "escrow" deposit to get your vehicles moved with them. Phone goes to person speaking broken english that hangs up when you ask for their credentials.

Be sure to ask for Bond, DOT#, MC# and verify them on

If they’re not listed, they’re not legitimate.

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