Linda McClure

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Anna – May 02, 2020

They’re cloning profiles, this one got my “grandma”
I only figured it out when she texted me on her original profile that she “lost”
(I’m embarrassed that I didn’t catch the errors, she’s my grandma so I didn’t mind them)

Cory – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 32256

Type of a scam Government Grant

She acts very professional and says she is a Registered Agent Responsable for Issuing Grants and will have a whole disclaimer ready and will dig into your needs and then supply a Nicely done certificate

Carmen –

Victim Location 98662

Type of a scam Government Grant

On facebook messenger my "aunt" reached out to my sister and I talking about how great it was she was just given a grant for $50,000. She gave us the link and told us to apply to help us out. I did and can’t believe I fell for it, the person "linda" responded stating to fill out a page and it had my full name, last 4 of social, address, monthly income, bank name, credit score, rent/own, etc… I filled out the info and they wanted to have me pay $500 the whole time my "aunt" was reaching out to me as well. I had already filled out the sheet and submitted it and started feeling that this was not right, I called my aunt 2 times and she didn’t answer. This is a scam and now I am afraid of identity theft.

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