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Micah – Nov 02, 2020

Victim Location 84043

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Reached out to this company from website ( and admittedly did not go through every part of the website … was just happy to find a cat for my son and daughter. Began corresponding via text which was OK because I was traveling. Received a text back from my voicemail and began texting and moving through the transaction. Received lot of information early on and then when asked for specifics the delays started. They would only reply via text and WhatsApp. Started to think something is fishy now. Admittedly, I got caught up with the excitement of getting a cat for my children that I let my emotions get best of me and gloss over what would normally be glaring red flags. Long story short, the Zelle payment didn’t go through (thankfully) and they are now harassing me for payment. I’m ignoring them saying I’ve been sending. It what can only be described as a moment of clarity sitting on the couch scrolling through Amazon to get new cat furniture, I thought to look back at the text string and watch the video of them showing me the errors they were getting with their bank. They had sent me a video of the payment error on their end; however, the times do not match up in any way for them to be legit … sent money well after 4 PM MST and they are CST and it was 2:02 …video looks sketchy as well. Even if they were in Pacific Time, the time couldn’t be 2:02 when the timestamp of the video they sent was 4:54 PM. Details give a lot away and once that thread unraveled, then I kept pulling at it and research it and found it was definitely scam.

Fast forward to later in the evening after I’ve already determined to not go forward, and they are not replying to my question about sending via ApplePay (asking this time just to see what their reply would be) or even a new video of the kitten. In the LATE PM (near midnight) I get string of WhatsApp calls and then again this morning super early (6 AM) … I am not picking up the calls as I am getting ready for work and about to get the kids ready for school and I don’t have time … would call after kids in school. After kids were in school I get another text and they are asking for my payment. I told them my Zelle still was showing pending and to be patient. They got more belligerent and accused me of taking this all as a joke. Their Zelle account, they said, was locking them out. In the text they specifically said that the email they gave me was their "Zelle" email … the error they sent me shows that they did not have an email registered … another red flag.

The website has a map on bottom and the map shows a San Francisco address and not anything in Oklahoma. The address on their contract they sent to me (which looked shady, but I initially chalked it up to a small business not really caring how polished a contract form should look) contained an address and when I googled it, Zillow returned an abandoned home that is under contract in Oklahoma. Definitely not a place that would be fostering or even running a business for purebred Siamese kittens.

This morning I called and this scenario has all the hallmarks of a scam. I am reporting this because I do not want anyone to be hurt by this kind of scam where people prey on other people wanting to

They’ve used the following emails … [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]

Upon further research last night, I was able to find other eerily similar websites with the same formatting and errors that mirror the site I was using … they are:

Linda’s Cattery (site I used) ….

Elena Siamese Kittens …

Emma’s Siamese Kittens …

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