Lindsey Evan Styles

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Lindsey –

Victim Location 90018

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

I contacted a post for an assistant for Lindsey Evans and she got in touch with me right away. I have been an assistant for 3 years and generally get freelance jobs from online classifieds or referrals and her posting seemed real on a website I’ve used before, enough. After talking fro a bit via email and phone I accepted a trial run with her in which we agreed she would give me $200 for renting a jacket and boots for one of her celebrity clients who was going to an event. She was communicative with me the whole time, I rented the pieces on my account with the rental company and dropped them off with the celebrity client to be returned the following Monday. That never happened. Up until this week (week of 12/19/2016) Lindsey Evans is not responsive. She assured me 3 or 4 times that she was working on the return and was going to handle it. I am now being held responsible for two items that I will be charged fully for, and have made several attempts to figure out where they are and return them myself. I was also assured for accepting her offer that she would reimburse me for rental fees. Later, after being harassed by the rental company for making a return I had already thought happened, she assured me she would put everything on her account. That never happened.

She then sent me a direct deposit form so she could pay me the $200 she promised for the trial run. I would have to agree to allow her to withdraw from my bank account in order to be paid, see attached. I asked her if paypal was possible but she disappeared after that interaction.

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