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Nicole – Aug 29, 2020

We measured our sofa to ensure we ordered the correct size. What arrived is too small, and the seams are already coming apart. When I try to fill out the return information the website says there is no order by that number, even though I directly copy the number from their order confirmation email. Don’t buy!

Barry – Jul 19, 2020

This product was extremely low quality and the workmanship was awful. Even the company agreed with me when I contacted them and sent pictures that the product was faulty. Seams coming apart right out of the package. They said they would give me a refund without having to return the product to Singapore if they determined it was faulty, but then came back and said they would give me a 50% discount and send me another one. I don’t want another one of their awful product. I have been dealing with these people since 6/9/20 to get this resolved. Here is the timeline. Ordered 4/29/20 Received 6/9/20 Contacted them the first time: 6/10/20. Went thru the PayPal dispute system and they seem to have that down too…they offer a refund if you return it and there is no way to say no. I would be glad to return it, but I’m not paying shipping. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

Alex – Jul 16, 2020

Finally got my order after over a month, which, fine, it comes from China, so the shipping takes a while. HOWEVER, the item did not fit our sofa at well and doesn’t look anything like any of the images and animations they have on the website. I measured the length of our sofa and it’s within their ranges, yet, when we put it on, it hardly covers the edges and forces the fabric to stretch so much that we can’t even tuck the fabric in without it popping out. It even had these string things to tie the fabric which wasn’t shown in the website nor is mentioned. Leaves me to think they took pictures from a legitimate site and is selling cheaper knockoffs and misleading its customers.

Mindy – Jun 26, 2020

This place is a SCAM I order merchandise from them you can’t ever call them on the phone is a computer talking I’m telling everybody don’t order from this company!

Kristen – Jun 25, 2020

I ordered sofa covers. They didn’t fit. They were $99. Website said free returns. The company didnt respond to my emails or calls for over a month. They then refused to pay for shipping, which would have cost more than the cost of the covers.

Christopher – Jun 24, 2020

I received a message that someone needed pictures of your mistake and I have yet to hear back from anyone or that individual. Why are you ignoring my emails. You [censored] down your customers service department. And are still advertising for more business. What kind of business are you running?

Evelyn – Jun 23, 2020

Ordered two side covers May 16. Like everyone else did not receive. Called, emailed many times. Finally received an email stating they could not find my order but were resending the ordered. That was 2 weeks ago. Nothing, have gotten nothing. Am very upset and feel scammed. I guess I out money I can’t afford to lose. Shame on Facebook for allowing them to advertise.

Sabrina – Jun 08, 2020

I ordered and paid $170 for my sofa covers. I received an email saying they were shipped on May 9th, 2020 and included a tracking number. The tracking number says “Info unavailable, we can’t identify your number yet.” It has said the same thing for 1 month now. I tried calling the phone numbers listed and they all say “Due to Coronavirus no one is available to answer your call right now. Send an email.” I sent an email and got no response. HUGE SCAM. DO NOT order from this company.

Johnny – Jun 01, 2020

I ordered in May I send in three emails asking where is my order no response back with a person just a ticket was put in and then I wrote on there ad they sent me a messenger text telling me to be patient because orders are going out slow is messenger text telling me to be patient because orders are going out slow in some cities that’s a lie I have ordered other items from different companies and I get it back in the timely manner here it is June 1 2020 no order that $100 so I need my refund

Alana – May 27, 2020

I ordered my cover and got it in a few weeks. I don’t know about all these other people saying it’s a scam but I had ZERO ISSUES with them. You guys need to learn some patience. 🙄

Marvin – Jun 10, 2020

All these reviews say they haven’t received anything yet you’re the only one who has gotten something so that leads me to believe that YOU ARE THEM. So John please pay these ppl back their money

Adrienne – May 23, 2020

I placed an order at the beginning of April. Still no shipping confirmation, no email response except to tell me to be patient, and no way to talk to a human at their phone number. I left a comment on their FB page that they removed and got a messenger message telling me to be patient. HUGE SCAM! Filing a charge back with my bank.

Evan – May 23, 2020

Ordered my cover on April 28th. I received a confirmation email plus one follow us on May 16tg saying it was still coming. No update of info at all when you click the tracking number. Thinking this is a big, fat scam. Original tracking info states it is shipped from China.

Leslie – Jun 25, 2020

Address they gave me was Taiwan. Cancel if u can! Also, took them a month to respond to my email.

Terrance – May 16, 2020

I ordered two chair covers on May 3 they didn’t have a problem taking my $111.39 but never receive confirmation nor product. Called and emailed several times still no response just keep getting recording saying no one is available to answer my call. This place is TRULY A SCAM!

Alexandra – May 16, 2020

I placed an order on the 24th. of April, 2020. I waited for almost 10 days then I emailed them to find out when is my order will be shipped. Then I got an email a day later insist that they had sent me a shipping notification and tracking number couple days ago. But I actually got that email the same day their customer service responded to my email. I track the package several times then since 5/13 I can’t find any information at all. I emailed and call them, it’s never answered or reply. I even Facebook massage them and they never responded. Biggest scam ever!

Kurt – May 14, 2020

LineSofa is a scam! Can’t reach anyone! Emailed them and they don’t return messages! Waiting for a cover I ordered on April 17th 2020 and nothing! BE CAREFUL! Do not order from their website! Looks legit but its not! They are pathetic! I threatened them to report them for fraud!

Ernest – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 34990

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Product ad on Facebook made me interested. Website looks fake, they claim to have A+ rating but the banner isn’t clickable nor are they listed on website.

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