Linked-in/Skype probably others- IMPOSTOR

Linked-in/Skype probably others- IMPOSTOR Scam or Legit? Check Linked-in/Skype probably others- IMPOSTOR Reviews below.
Jon –

Victim Location 68104

Type of a scam Phishing

On Thursday 2/1, I was locked out or suspended from my Linked-in account and I searched their customer service line. I didn’t click on the link but the 1-855-401-2666 number was the number I found first. I called – they said it was due to trying to add too many people and a verification issue. They then proceed to ask me to fill out a form. It looked like a legit Linked-in form. Asked for my credit card number for verification purposes. Proceeded to say they will hold $0.29 from my account then return it to me. After that they took control of my laptop and it started flashing from black to what they were doing on my screen. I could see them creating a Western Union account in my name then proceeding to use my card info to send them money. I quickly realized this was not legit and told them to stop what they were doing. The guy kept reassuring me it was protocol and tried to continue talking to me to make me feel comfortable. I immediately put him on mute. Shut my laptop down. Called me back to cancel the card, thankfully before anything was taken out. I come back to the phone and he hung up. A few hours later, I called to try again and they wer extremely unprofessional and knew I had caught them and hung up and blocked my number. Trying to get to the bottom of it I kept calling the two 1-800 numbers above. Still no one picked up. This morning 2/3 at around 9:30 CST, I get a call from the 717-416-3396 saying that they missed a call from me on my linked-in account access. By this time I knew what was going on, I went along initially then I called them out and they proceeded to yell at my, hang up and block my number. After trying to call back to no avail, I called 1-818-850-7806 "complaining about access to my Linked-in account" – gave him my email. He asked did someone just call you on this? I proceeded to tell the guy I knew what they were doing and he hung up on me.

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