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Steve –

Victim Location 95360

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop had an alert saying I had been hacked and needed to call a number to fix the problem. This number claimed they were a security system/tech support. I called and they had me connect them to my laptop with team viewer and they ran "scans". They told me I needed to install a security system to prevent the "hacker" from getting back into my laptop. They said I could do the 1 year security for $199 or 5 year for $299. I did the $299 and inserted in my card information with him still on the team viewer. I asked question after question about their business to find out if they were a scammer and when I googled the number nothing but a different language came up. I was confused and worried so after I got off the phone I called my bank and canceled my card. I filed a claim and before I knew it the scammers were calling my house and cell phone with different numbers and leaving messages. They also claimed they were my bank with 2 different numbers. I could tell they used a voice changer. They also emailed me and told me to cancel the dispute through my bank. It seems like they want to "refund" me themselves but I think they just want my new card number. I consider the constant phone calls and emails harassments because I told them over the phone and over email to leave me alone.

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