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Sergio –

Type of a scam Investment

Last night I signed up with Lionexo. When I checked Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the homepage, I saw that I would be asked for photocopies of my passport, both sides of my credit card, a utilities bill, and other information protected by privacy legislation. I asked the online message box to explain why this private information was required. I received no information and was told a supervisor would telephone me. I insisted that this communication be by email for a legal record. I got a phone call in the morning from someone who did NOT say he was from Lionexo until I asked him three times. I told him to read the questions in the question box and answer by email. I hung up. He called back a few seconds later and insisted questions be answered on the phone. I repeated my insistence he answer in email for the record, and I hung up. He called back a third time and I just hung up. His answer via email was simply to say he was available to help me with the software. A second email asked my age, more private information. I found this whole presentation unprofessional and highly suspicious. Consider this: with the information required in the Terms and Conditions–a blatant violation of privacy–the recipient, Lionexo, would be able to launder money and also impersonate the person–identity theft. There is no guarantee this information is privacy protected. The company is in Bulgaria! It has no license to practice. It reeks of potential scam. When I sent my last online message, saying I was having Lionexo investigated, the return message was simply "OK." Now I see online that this company is not a legally licensed investment company.

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