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Scott – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 44867

Type of a scam Government Grant

Entered by Staff – LJ – 9-8-20

I received a message on Facebook Messenger. Agent Barry Palmer with Lions Clubs International Foundation. They help people who are unemployed or disabled. I filled out an application to see if I qualified.I provided my name, address. income. If I rent or own. If I own a car. They did not ask for my Social Security number or phone number. They said I qualified for the gift money. They had different levels. If I sent $500 I would receive 50,000. I did not think it was right to send money. Directed me to go to Walmart and Western Union $500. Send it to Frank A. Villani Jr. in Pennsylvania. It did not go though. I contacted Barry Palmer again on messenger. Then he he said to send it Walmart to Walmart. The organization would not accept a check. That’s when I knew it was a scam. What organization would not accept a check. I did not send any money.

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