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Johnathan – May 22, 2020

They do not respond to any emails. You cannot talk to anyone. They only have an answering machine. I tried to cancel an order after I realized I ordered twice by mistake. I only wanted to cancel one order. There was no response to my request until a month later, after they states they shipped the item and so no cancellation or refund was allowed. This company is a scam.

Adam –

Victim Location 98418

Total money lost $54.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

SCAM.These CROOKS go by or lions.tee. However these guys go under many alias. Here are some examples of this year websites. – Warehouse Jersey 2019. – Warehouse Jersey 2019. – Warehouse Jersey 2019. – Warehouse Jersey 2019. – Warehouse Jersey 2019. – Warehouse Jersey 2019.

NCAA – Page 2 –

Most of these are taken down. They usually switch it up every 2 or 3 weeks. This week jan. 5 2020 they are using The phone number +1 6614911126 is the number that is associated with the CROOKS. Its a bogus personal phone with the message that mailbox is full.

Their address also bogus 2447 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254. They don’t rent space at this location. Crooks will email you a random tracking number from China also bogus. Has no details that its being shipped to your location. It will fool you at first because a person assumes it must be intended for them. When In reality the crooks will use this one tracking number with hundreds of their victims. They have some lame excuses in their policies why they dont have shipping details and sometimes no tracking at all. Stay away from these Thieves. Wish I didn’t take a chance on there new website. When i did a scam search that was the only red flag that i saw at the time. Owell, live and learn. Hope this post helps others.

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