Lisa Scam or Legit? Check Lisa Reviews below.
Anthony –

Victim Location 59102

Type of a scam Credit Cards

"Lisa" left a message for the cardholder of visa or mastercard cardholder promising a lower interest rate

Jorge –

Victim Location 87501

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a group text from unknown numbers. One of the numbers confirmed the text about a meet up for dinner. I blocked these numbers. Got a phone call and message left confirming my first name and asking me to call back and confirm the meet up. I new it was a scam and called back. What sounded like a live voice said "(my name)?" I didn’t answer. She said my name again expecting me to verity with "Yes". I responded "who is this?" and the call hung-up. The scam uses group text and phone messages to make it sound legitimate. It also sounded like a live voice, but I suppose a sophisticated recording could have been used.

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