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Rebekah – Dec 11, 2020

Dreadful company who take your money, don’t send the product, send automated replies to every communication, ignore all requests for a refund and send false ‘tracking numbers’ so there’s no possibility of seeing if there’s actually an order in the process!
This company needs to be blocked from every site and closed down. They are thieves, who three months after placing an order still keep saying ” it’s on its way” They tried to blame covid for the delays but I pointed out that dozens of other companies had got the orders through. Then they said there are delays at customs. A genuine company, a legitimate company, an honest company, would have authorised a refund by now – on the condition that I re-pay for the item if it ever arrives! These scamming vile people have never even acknowledged my requests for a refund. These people are dispicable ,- taking money from people who are struggling and causing painful disappointment when items they wanted to delight a loved one with, never arrive. I’m making sure everybody I know avoid Lisian like the plague. I recommend everybody reads the reviews before parting with a penny. I wish I had…I would have run from them and blocked them and reported them as the evil scamming [censored] that they’ve proved themselves to be! Utter disgusted with them!

Christopher – Dec 10, 2020

I ordered the dragon fly ornament on October 9, 2020. As of 12/10/2020 it has not arrived. I have emailed several times and each time I’ve been told Covid is slowing everything down. They have provided a tracking number but that number has not been updated with any information.

They have stopped responding to my emails since I’ve asked for my money back,

Alicia – Dec 11, 2020

Exactly the same situation with me – also for the dragonfly ornament which I ordered way back in September. Replies, supposedly by different members of the staff, all day the same…”it’s on its way. It’s delayed by covid. There’s a problem at customs”. They’re lying, thieving scammers. They need to be stopped!

Chase – Dec 04, 2020

I ordered 3 butterfly ornaments in oct & still haven’t received them. Am reporting to our local sheriff’s office. Didn ‘t check this we site before i ordered something. Margaret vaske @ vaske [email protected] i do have a phone number & have emailed twice with the same response blaming covid excuse for not shipping. Any advice to get my money back

Carrie – Dec 11, 2020

I’d love to know how to get my money too – for the item ordered in September. Evil scammers – they must be stopped,!

Latasha – Dec 04, 2020

I ordered the “stain glass” Cardinal sun catcher on 8/25/2020 and had received the item. Stained glass Cardinals. Numerous attempts to contact with no results! Filed complaint with PayPal on 10/27/2020. Item finally arrived this week. It was “not” what was shown! Instead of glass it was cheap metal I would not have paid two dollars for much less the $31.90 it cost. I still have not heard anything from PayPal. I have never heard of a sun catcher being made of metal. I’m high unsatified and this was a scam from the get go! I saw it on Facebook. They need to police what they allow to be sold.

Nathan – Dec 07, 2020

PayPal came through today and issued me a full refund. So hang in there and keep up the fight. Don’t give into these scam artist. Lisian said I needed to return the item and I was prepared to do that. In the envelope the item weighed 3.0 ounces. Gives you some idea of the quality of the “suncatcher”! PayPal just gave me the full refund without returning. It’s in the trash now!

Alexander – Dec 06, 2020

Paypal contacted me today and they are reviewing my complaint of item I received “not” being what I paid for and what I ordered. I never heard of an all metal suncatcher. hopefully they will get resolution to my complaint.

Stacey – Dec 06, 2020

Very disappointed with payPal for closing my dispute with this sham of a online store. Even though item was finally delivered it was “not” the item as advertised. I guess PayPal doesn’t care if the enable scam artists! Trying to interact with PayPal has been a nightmare in itself! A pathetic effort on their part!

Natasha – Dec 03, 2020

I ordered the dragonfly ornament on Oct. 1, 2020. I have NEVER received the ornament. I just keep getting the run around from them. This company is a SCAM and you will never get any money back or your item. Pay Pal seems to be for the store, not the buyer. BEWARE !

Ramon – Dec 11, 2020

I ordered the dragonfly ornament way back in September. Just a load of lies and insincere comments from thieves who think they’re clever taking everybody’s money. Evil. Greedy. Selfish. Vile people!

Darryl – Dec 01, 2020

I just received the “sun catcher” Cardinals after months of delays. To my surprise the “sun” catcher is actually painted metal, not glass at all. I am currently disputing with PayPal. Totally a rip off!

Tonya – Nov 28, 2020

Hello ,
I placed an order for the Dragon Fly ornament on the 7th of October $29.90 and like some many people on this site
I am still waiting, I am surprised that PayPal are working with this company they must have had loads of complaints.
I am totally disgusted ,I’d rather give the money to a charity that a Scam company..

Michele – Nov 27, 2020

I ordered 3 dragonfly ornaments on October 8th. And it was almost 80 bucks. Yep you guessed it !
Nov 27th No Order shipped.
What a scam.
Don’t buy from them EVER

Marissa – Nov 28, 2020

I wish I had read these reviews first.,lesson learned.

Brian – Nov 21, 2020

I ordered 2 suncatchers that I saw on facebook, from Lisian Store, three months ago. I have contacted them six times got two responses that covid causing late shipments, but shipping company says they will push my order which oh ya by the way they said there was a problem with my order. what ? No answers like that, just be patient they say. Tracking goes nowhere and does not progress to current date. I am appalled that facebook allows this kind of crap to happen on their site. scam artists suck peoples money and do not even blink an eye. Pathetic. I just received my sun catchers today 11/21/20 after ordering on 8/23/20 and they aren’t sun catchers at all ~ they are made from cheap bendable metal ~ no way to even hang it. I will try to get a refund but I seriously doubt it. Learned my lesson that is for sure!

Tristan – Dec 07, 2020

I ordered Cardinals suncatcher in August. In October filed compliant in Oct. with PayPal. Item finally arrived this week! It was an all metal piece of junk. I have never heard of a metal painted suncatcher. PayPal closed my initial complaint as “the” item arrived. Problem being it was “not” the glass suncatcher I was led to believe I was buying. Now I have to start another complaint.

Ernest – Oct 16, 2020

It’s been a month and I finally got my first item. The photo and description claims the item is sterling silver owl with moo stone. Payed $21 on sale though it was a great deal. Turns out the manufacturer is from China. Item is a cheap copper alloy with opalite glass. No silver at all and no moonstone. I haven’t received my other items but I will bet they are junk as well. Their sight claims 100% satisfaction guaranteed and easy returns but they are already giving me a hassle. Don’t shop here. Don’t shop any of these little shops online. They are all junk from China and you will loose your money. PayPal won’t help you. In the photos you can see where I sanded off the plating and the copper color underneath. The other shows what a real moonstone looks like. The shop used a photo of someone else’s work.

Morgan – Oct 15, 2020

Like others here, I saw an ad on Facebook. I placed an order on 9/5/2020 for (3) Dragonflly Dreamcatchers. I received a confirmation, but never received tracking information or anything else. On 10/2/20, I sent an email inquiry. On 10/4/20, I received a response with a link to track my order. It was a link to a China Post tracking site. At first, the link said “Processing”. Then it changed to, “Tracking info is not available.”

I decided to copy the tracking number direct into a China Post tracking site (instead of relying on the Lisian site) and the result was: “NO SHIPPING RECORD!” The explanation from China Post is: “If you track the number in but the result shows as “No shipping record” , it means the seller(shipper) gave you an unused(invalid) tracking number which does NOT associated to any shipped parcel in china post tracking database.”

Luckily I paid via Paypal and cancel payment. Be aware of credit card and Paypal dispute timeframes!

Peter – Oct 14, 2020

Placed my order 9/18, it is now 10/14/2020, and I still have not received. I continue to track my order and it just says preparing for shipment. Where is my order coming from, on the site it says Texas, but over a month to process, and get ready, I’m only a few states away, I could have drove there, and been back home 6x waiting on this package. I’m beginning to worry, I was scammed.

Tiffany – Oct 11, 2020


Janet – Oct 14, 2020

Wish I seen this site before placing my order. I’m feeling the same way.

Linda – Oct 11, 2020

I ordered a suncatcher that I saw on facebook, from Lisian Store, two months ago. I have contacted them six times got two responses that covid causing late shipments, but shipping company says they will push my order which oh ya by the way they said there was a problem with my order. what ? when will I receive it? No answers like that, just be patient they say. Tracking goes nowhere and does not progress to current date. I am appalled that facebook allows this kind of crap to happen on their site. scam artists suck peoples money and do not even blink an eye. Pathetic.

Brandon – Oct 14, 2020

I am going through the same thing right now. I only ordered it because the location on their site says Texas,vi feel like it’s coming from China.
Almost 2 month from order date, and its still processing, this is ridiculous.

Heidi – Oct 02, 2020

The Lisian Store is a complete scam. It took about 6 weeks to receive my order. The tracking of it sucked. The product I received was not what I ordered. I ordered a soldered, stained glass crow standing on a wire with a bead on it. This is based on the picture they provided of the product at the time of ordering. I received a cheap plastic cut out. It is trash and completely unacceptable. I contacted the store requesting to return the junk they set me and my money back. They said I got exactly what I ordered and they would give me 15% off my next purchase instead of refunding me. I will not order from them ever again.

Derrick – Oct 02, 2020

I purchased a beautiful ring, for my grand daughter, but it has not arrived. I did get e-mail saying it had been shipped out, but of course I can’t contact the seller. What a surprise, right? What a rip off!

William – Sep 27, 2020

I ordered two items and never received them. I received a bogus tracking number that says preparing for shipment. It’s been over a month! I have repeatedly emailed them every single day and no response back or refund. I checked them out and saw all these reviews that were positive, um no, don’t fall for it. I can’t believe I did. The site comes up in social media, so I’ve reported it as a scam as well. Don’t waste your money on this site. Scam!

Trevor – Sep 21, 2020

This store claimed “due to covid” orders would take 20 business days. Their tracking is questionable. The tracking on the website says “preparing for shipment” even though they claim it was shipped , after taking several days to reply to my request. However it is not in the usps system and they refuse to say who “the shipping agency” that they repeatedly refer to, even is even when asked directly and repeatedly

Monica – Sep 17, 2020

This site is a scam. I placed an order aug.8 and still no tracking info. They are using covid as excuse for slow shipping. Scam. Scam

Francisco – Sep 12, 2020

I have not received my order and I’m calling my credit card to cancel my order because this is bull[censored] web site , and Facebook don’t give a [censored] that people are being scammed, but oh if you post something on your own page that is not within their STANDARDS they will shut that page down immediately, but it’s ok for bogus companies to steal from Facebook users that’s ok , probably because he’s getting a kickback on the phony orders !

Joshua –

I ordered a kimono from this website back on mid August, it is now September 11th, almost an entire month has passed and I am yet to receive my item. The tracking number provided does not bring up any results. I have contacted this company countless times, first off, they always have a major delay when getting back to my questions, second of all, they never provide a straight forward, transparent answer, rather they beat around the bush. After some time of still seeing the tracking number provided was not bringing up any results and dealing with their incompetence and horrible customer service I emailed them requesting to cancel the order and requesting a full refund. NEVER heard back from them. I sent a second email a week ago again asking for cancellation of the order and a full refund and once again NO answer at all. I am disputing this charge with my credit card company. Then they have the audacity to provide PayPal with lies about the item being received, I get an email from PayPal stating that this company confirmed the item was delivered, but yet I never received it and again when using the tracking number it brings up no results! Beware of this company! They are a scam! I would NOT spend my money with them, they will just steal your money!

Charles –

I ordered 2 dream catchers. They stated the order was filled 14 days ago and yet I have no tracking number nor do I have my items! They have not responded to my requests for information!

Brianna –

This website stole is stealing from hard working artists and makers and selling it as their own. They’ve stolen my design, pictures, description, and (SO LOW) even my reviews. There is no way they could recreate my work, especially because it is made custom for each customer…I doubt they even send a product. Here is a link to the real/OG etsy listing –

<span title="… />

Picture below of what they are selling

Stephanie –

This store is selling a bulbasaur pumpkin lantern figure that I had ordered from a similar site last year. That site sent me a gag-item that was completely different and cheaply made (I have pictures to prove it). The links to this item are also being shared on a facebook page that just popped up August 19th (same date as another complaint I found on here). When I commented my story to that post, the comment was promptly deleted and I can no longer comment on their posts. To me this is behavior to a guilty party and even though they may not be the ones who scammed me a year ago, their product-line and behavior is extremely suspicious. I would be weary of ordering anything from here.

Ramon –

Oh hell no. I ordered that as a gift for a friend, still waiting for it to ship after 4 weeks. Canceling!

Evelyn –

Victim Location 95901

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This website is using photos from other websites to sell fraudulent products, including a product I make and sell. There is no way they would be able to reproduce the item in the photo, so if people are ordering it on their website, they won’t be getting what is in the photo (if they get anything at all.)

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