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Samuel –

Victim Location 14207

Type of a scam Employment

Received a text in regards to a job search that the Hiring Manager (Grant Stan) of this company was wanting to interview via Google Hangouts asap. After lengthy seemingly legit interview, I was offered the position – $35.00 an hour plus benefits. Training pay was $20. It was explained that this position would initially be home based because the company was expanding but had not finished setting up in my state yet. The website seemed official with photos of the top officials. I was told the company would provide a preloaded laptop, but then there was a lengthy list of software programs that I would have to purchase; The company would send a check for me to deposit, once the check cleared I would buy the software. He said the company had insurance and this way my name would be on the receipt. I asked for clarification because it didn’t make sense, esp. since he said that I was to buy the software from one of the vendors the company worked with. it wouldev made more sense for them to purchase the software and send it – since they had insurance. I was told to check in the next morning, 8 am my time (The main business seems to be out of South Africa). That conversation was brief. He simply told me his supervisors were putting together my new hire contract and it would be sent directly. He then said check in with him next week on hangouts to get the fed ex tracking number for the check he’d be sending.

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